why does mma core videos never work

why does mma core videos never work

MMA Core is a popular website that provides videos and updates related to mixed martial arts (MMA). However, many users have reported issues with the functionality of the website, particularly with the videos not working properly. In this article, we will explore various reasons why MMA Core videos may not work, covering different aspects of the website and its infrastructure.

1. Technical Glitches

One possible reason for MMA Core videos not working is technical glitches within the website’s system. These glitches could be related to server issues, coding errors, or compatibility problems with different browsers or devices. Such technical issues can prevent videos from loading or playing properly.

Moreover, the website may experience high traffic at certain times, leading to slow loading times or even crashes. These technical glitches can significantly affect the user experience and cause videos to fail to work.

2. Video Encoding Problems

MMA Core videos may also encounter problems with video encoding. Video encoding is the process of converting video files into a format that can be easily streamed over the internet. If the encoding process is not done correctly, it can result in videos that do not play or have distorted visuals and audio.

Issues with video encoding can occur due to various factors, such as incorrect settings, outdated software, or limitations in the website’s infrastructure. These problems can lead to videos not working as intended.

3. Copyright Issues

Copyright issues can also contribute to MMA Core videos not working. MMA fights and related content are often subject to copyright restrictions, and unauthorized sharing or distribution of such content may lead to legal consequences.

To avoid copyright infringement, MMA Core may have to remove certain videos or restrict access to them. As a result, users may find that some videos are no longer available or do not work due to copyright-related reasons.

why does mma core videos never work

4. Content Removal

In addition to copyright issues, MMA Core may remove videos for other reasons. This could be due to requests from fighters, promoters, or organizations involved in MMA. If a video is removed from the website, it will no longer be accessible to users, resulting in videos not working.

Content removal can occur for various reasons, including contractual obligations, legal disputes, or requests to maintain the exclusivity of certain fights or events. These removals can impact the availability and functionality of MMA Core videos.

5. Browser or Device Incompatibility

MMA Core videos may not work due to compatibility issues with certain browsers or devices. Different browsers and devices have varying capabilities and requirements for streaming videos. If the website is not optimized for a particular browser or device, it may lead to videos not playing or functioning correctly.

Furthermore, outdated browser versions or incompatible plugins can also affect video playback. Users may need to update their browsers or use alternative devices to ensure proper video functionality.

6. Internet Connection Problems

Another factor that can contribute to MMA Core videos not working is internet connection problems. Streaming videos require a stable and fast internet connection to load and play smoothly. If the user’s internet connection is slow, unstable, or experiencing disruptions, it can cause videos to buffer or not load at all.

Users experiencing internet connection issues may need to troubleshoot their network or switch to a more reliable connection to resolve video playback problems.


There are several reasons why MMA Core videos may not work. Technical glitches, video encoding problems, copyright issues, content removal, browser or device incompatibility, and internet connection problems can all contribute to the malfunctioning of videos on the website. It is important for MMA Core to address these issues promptly to ensure a seamless user experience for its audience.

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