why does mma not like mamamoo

why does mma not like mamamoo

MMA, also known as Melon Music Awards, is one of the most prestigious music award shows in South Korea. While many K-pop groups and artists receive recognition and support from MMA, there seems to be a lack of appreciation for the girl group MAMAMOO. This article aims to explore the reasons why MMA does not seem to like MAMAMOO and provide a comprehensive analysis from various perspectives.

Lack of Mainstream Popularity

One possible reason why MMA does not seem to appreciate MAMAMOO could be their lack of mainstream popularity. While MAMAMOO has a dedicated fanbase and has achieved success in their own right, they may not have reached the same level of commercial success as some other K-pop groups. MMA tends to focus on artists who have a wider appeal and commercial success, which may explain the lack of recognition for MAMAMOO.

Furthermore, MAMAMOO’s music style, which often incorporates retro and jazz elements, may not align with the mainstream pop sound that MMA typically favors. This divergence in musical style could contribute to the apparent lack of support from MMA.

Competition from Other Girl Groups

MAMAMOO faces tough competition from other popular girl groups in the K-pop industry. Groups like BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Red Velvet have enjoyed immense success and have a large following both domestically and internationally. MMA may prioritize these more popular girl groups over MAMAMOO, leading to a lack of recognition for the latter.

Additionally, the fierce competition between girl groups often leads to fan wars and rivalries. MMA, as an award show, may want to avoid any potential controversies or conflicts by focusing on groups that have a more harmonious fan base. This could be another reason why MAMAMOO does not receive as much love from MMA.

Lack of Media Exposure

MAMAMOO may not receive as much media exposure as other K-pop groups, which could contribute to the lack of support from MMA. Media exposure plays a crucial role in the success of K-pop artists, as it helps to increase their popularity and fan base. If MAMAMOO does not receive as much media coverage or promotional opportunities, they may not be on the radar of MMA organizers.

Furthermore, media outlets often have their own preferences when it comes to promoting certain artists. If MAMAMOO does not align with the media’s preferences or does not fit into their narrative, they may not receive as much attention, which could indirectly affect their chances of being recognized by MMA.

Perceived Lack of Visual Appeal

In the K-pop industry, visual appeal plays a significant role in an artist’s success. While MAMAMOO members are undoubtedly talented, some critics and industry insiders have suggested that they may not fit into the conventional beauty standards that are often associated with K-pop idols. This perceived lack of visual appeal could be a reason why MMA does not seem to appreciate MAMAMOO as much as other girl groups.

It is important to note that beauty standards are subjective and vary among different individuals and cultures. However, in an industry where looks are highly valued, MAMAMOO’s unique and unconventional visuals may not resonate with the mainstream audience and MMA organizers.

Less Active in Mainstream Variety Shows

Participating in variety shows is a common way for K-pop artists to gain exposure and connect with fans. However, MAMAMOO has been relatively less active in mainstream variety shows compared to some other girl groups. This limited presence in variety shows may result in fewer opportunities for MAMAMOO to showcase their personalities and talents to a wider audience, including the MMA organizers.

Additionally, variety shows often create memorable moments and generate buzz, which can positively impact an artist’s popularity and chances of being recognized by award shows like MMA. The lack of participation in these shows may have inadvertently affected MAMAMOO’s standing in the eyes of MMA.

why does mma not like mamamoo


While MAMAMOO has a dedicated fanbase and has achieved success in their own right, they seem to receive less recognition and support from MMA compared to some other K-pop groups. The reasons behind this could be multifaceted, including their lack of mainstream popularity, competition from other girl groups, limited media exposure, perceived lack of visual appeal, and less active participation in mainstream variety shows. It is important to acknowledge that the opinions and preferences of MMA organizers may vary, and these reasons are speculative rather than definitive. Nevertheless, MAMAMOO continues to make significant contributions to the K-pop industry and captivate fans with their unique musical style and talents.

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