why does nobody address the choke in mma

Why Does Nobody Address the Choke in MMA?

Chokeholds are a common and effective submission technique used in mixed martial arts (MMA). Despite their prevalence and potential to cause serious injury, there is a surprising lack of discussion surrounding the safety and ethics of chokes in the sport. This article aims to explore the various reasons why the chokehold remains largely unaddressed in MMA.

Lack of Public Awareness

One reason why the chokehold is not widely discussed in MMA is the lack of public awareness regarding its potential dangers. Most casual fans of the sport may not fully understand the risks associated with chokes and may not be aware of the long-term effects they can have on an athlete’s health.

why does nobody address the choke in mma

Furthermore, the media coverage of MMA often focuses on the more visually striking aspects of the sport, such as knockout punches and high-flying kicks, rather than the technical aspects like chokes. This lack of media attention contributes to the overall neglect of discussing chokes in MMA.

Acceptance as a Legitimate Technique

Chokes have been a part of MMA since its inception and are considered a legitimate technique within the sport. The acceptance and normalization of chokes may lead to a reluctance to question their safety or ethics. As long as chokes are seen as a valid method of winning a fight, there may be little incentive to address their potential drawbacks.

Additionally, the effectiveness of chokes as a submission technique cannot be denied. They can quickly incapacitate an opponent and end a fight without causing significant physical harm. This effectiveness may overshadow the concerns surrounding chokes, further contributing to the lack of discussion.

Regulation and Rule Sets

The regulations and rule sets governing MMA vary across different organizations and jurisdictions. While some organizations have implemented specific guidelines regarding chokes, others may have more lenient rules or fail to address chokes altogether. This lack of uniformity in regulations makes it difficult to have a comprehensive discussion about chokes in MMA.

Furthermore, the focus of regulatory bodies is often on preventing more severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, rather than addressing the potential risks of chokes. This prioritization may lead to a neglect of discussing chokes and their impact on fighters’ well-being.

Training and Safety Measures

Another aspect to consider is the training and safety measures in place for MMA fighters. While athletes undergo rigorous training to learn and defend against chokes, the emphasis is often on executing the technique correctly rather than addressing its potential dangers.

Furthermore, the responsibility for fighter safety lies with the trainers, coaches, and regulatory bodies. If these stakeholders do not prioritize discussing the risks associated with chokes, it becomes less likely that the issue will be addressed in a meaningful way.

Public Demand for Exciting Fights

MMA is a spectator sport, and the demand for exciting and entertaining fights is high. Chokes, while effective, may not always provide the same level of excitement as a knockout or a back-and-forth striking exchange.

As a result, there may be a reluctance to address the chokehold in MMA, as it could potentially limit the number of thrilling fights and reduce the sport’s appeal to a wider audience.

Legal and Liability Concerns

The potential legal and liability implications surrounding chokes in MMA may also contribute to the lack of discussion on the topic. If the dangers of chokes were to be widely acknowledged, it could open the door for legal challenges and increased scrutiny of the sport.

MMA organizations, trainers, and fighters may be hesitant to address the chokehold due to the potential legal ramifications and the impact it could have on the future of the sport.

Focus on Fighter Autonomy

One argument against addressing the chokehold in MMA is the emphasis on fighter autonomy and the freedom to choose their techniques and strategies. Some believe that fighters should be able to use any legal technique they desire, including chokes, and that it is their responsibility to understand and accept the risks associated with their chosen profession.

This focus on fighter autonomy may discourage discussions about the chokehold and place the responsibility solely on the individual fighters.


The lack of discussion surrounding the chokehold in MMA can be attributed to various factors, including a lack of public awareness, acceptance as a legitimate technique, varying regulations, training priorities, public demand, legal concerns, and a focus on fighter autonomy. Addressing these factors and initiating conversations about the safety and ethics of chokes in MMA is crucial for the well-being of the fighters and the long-term development of the sport.

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