why does tommy conlon hated mma fighters

why does tommy conlon hated mma fighters

Why Does Tommy Conlon Hate MMA Fighters?

Tommy Conlon, a renowned sports critic, has been vocal about his disdain for MMA fighters. While opinions on this subject may vary, there are several reasons why Conlon may hold such negative views. In this article, we will explore various aspects that contribute to Conlon’s dislike of MMA fighters.

1. Brutality and Violence

One of the primary reasons behind Conlon’s disdain for MMA fighters is the perceived brutality and violence associated with the sport. Conlon may argue that the sport promotes excessive aggression and unnecessary harm to its participants. The sight of bloodshed and intense physical confrontations may be unsettling for him.

Moreover, Conlon might believe that the sport’s emphasis on knockout victories and submission holds encourages a culture of violence, rather than focusing on the skill and technique of the fighters. This aspect of MMA could be a key factor in Conlon’s negative perception of the sport.

2. Lack of Traditional Sporting Values

Conlon might argue that MMA lacks the traditional values associated with other sports, such as fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for opponents. He may believe that the sport’s aggressive nature undermines these values and promotes a win-at-all-costs mentality.

Furthermore, Conlon may view the pre-fight trash talk and heated rivalries between fighters as disrespectful and detrimental to the overall integrity of the sport. These aspects of MMA could contribute to his negative opinion of its fighters.

3. Stereotyping and Misconceptions

Another reason for Conlon’s distaste towards MMA fighters could be the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with the sport. He may believe that the public often perceives MMA fighters as aggressive, unintelligent individuals with a propensity for violence.

Conlon might argue that these stereotypes overshadow the skill, discipline, and dedication required to excel in MMA. He may feel that the sport and its fighters are unfairly judged based on these misconceptions, leading to a negative bias.

4. Lack of Historical Significance

Conlon, as a sports critic, may value the historical significance and tradition associated with certain sports. MMA, being a relatively young sport, lacks the rich history and heritage that other sports like boxing or soccer possess.

Conlon may argue that the absence of a long-standing legacy diminishes the sport’s credibility and its fighters’ achievements. This lack of historical significance could contribute to his negative perception of MMA fighters.

5. Personal Preference for Other Sports

It is possible that Conlon simply prefers other sports over MMA. As a sports critic, he may have a personal bias towards certain disciplines, such as basketball or baseball, which leads him to overlook the merits of MMA and its fighters.

Conlon’s preference for other sports may influence his assessment of MMA fighters, as he may compare their skills, athleticism, and entertainment value to those of his preferred sports, finding them lacking in comparison.

6. Concerns about Fighter Safety

Conlon may have concerns about the safety of MMA fighters. The sport’s physical nature and the potential for serious injuries, such as concussions, broken bones, and long-term brain damage, could be a significant factor in his negative perception.

why does tommy conlon hated mma fighters

He might argue that the sport does not prioritize the well-being and long-term health of its athletes, which could contribute to his dislike of MMA fighters and the sport as a whole.


Tommy Conlon’s dislike for MMA fighters stems from various factors, including his perception of the sport’s brutality, the lack of traditional sporting values, stereotypes and misconceptions, the absence of historical significance, personal preference for other sports, and concerns about fighter safety. While his opinions may be subjective, it is essential to acknowledge the diverse perspectives and opinions surrounding MMA and its athletes.

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