why doesn’t gordon ryan do mma

why doesn’t gordon ryan do mma

Gordon Ryan, widely regarded as one of the best grapplers in the world, has chosen to focus his career on submission grappling rather than transitioning to mixed martial arts (MMA). This decision has sparked curiosity among fans and pundits alike. In this article, we will explore various reasons why Gordon Ryan has not pursued a career in MMA.

Lack of Interest in Striking

One possible reason for Gordon Ryan’s decision is his lack of interest in striking. MMA requires a well-rounded skill set that includes striking, grappling, and wrestling. While Ryan excels in grappling, he may not have the same passion or aptitude for striking, which could be a deterrent for him to pursue a career in MMA.

Furthermore, Ryan may prefer the technical aspects of grappling and the strategic nature of submission grappling over the more unpredictable and physically demanding nature of MMA.

Focus on Grappling Domination

Gordon Ryan has made a name for himself in the world of grappling by dominating his opponents with his exceptional skills and technique. He has won numerous prestigious grappling tournaments and championships, establishing himself as one of the best in the sport.

By focusing solely on grappling, Ryan can continue to refine his technique and compete against the best in the world without the distractions of other martial arts disciplines. This allows him to fully dedicate himself to one aspect of combat sports and maximize his potential in that area.

Injury Concerns

MMA is a physically demanding sport that carries a high risk of injury. Fighters are exposed to strikes, takedowns, and submissions, which can lead to significant injuries. Gordon Ryan may have chosen to avoid the potential long-term damage that comes with competing in MMA.

By staying in grappling, Ryan can mitigate the risk of serious injuries and prolong his career in combat sports. This decision ensures that he can continue to compete at a high level and avoid unnecessary risks to his health.

Financial Considerations

Another factor that may have influenced Ryan’s decision is financial considerations. While MMA can offer lucrative contracts and sponsorships, the sport is highly competitive, and success is not guaranteed. Grappling, on the other hand, has a more established and stable professional scene, with opportunities for sponsorships and prize money.

By focusing on grappling, Ryan can secure a steady income and build his brand without the uncertainties that come with transitioning to MMA.

Personal Preferences and Lifestyle

Every athlete has personal preferences and lifestyle choices that shape their career decisions. Gordon Ryan may simply prefer the lifestyle and training regimen associated with grappling. This could include factors such as training partners, coaching staff, and the overall culture of the grappling community.

By sticking to what he enjoys and feels most comfortable with, Ryan can maintain a high level of motivation and passion for the sport, which is crucial for success in any athletic endeavor.

Unique Legacy in Grappling

By not pursuing a career in MMA, Gordon Ryan has the opportunity to leave a unique and lasting legacy in the world of grappling. He can continue to push the boundaries of the sport, innovate new techniques, and inspire future generations of grapplers.

Rather than diluting his focus and accomplishments by transitioning to MMA, Ryan can cement his status as one of the greatest grapplers of all time.

Personal Goals and Ambitions

Ultimately, Gordon Ryan’s decision may come down to his personal goals and ambitions. While many fighters aspire to compete in the UFC or become world champions in MMA, Ryan may have different aspirations.

He may have specific goals within the realm of grappling that he wants to achieve, such as winning certain tournaments or establishing his own academy. By staying in grappling, Ryan can focus on these goals and pursue them with unwavering dedication.


Gordon Ryan’s decision not to pursue a career in MMA can be attributed to a combination of factors, including his lack of interest in striking, focus on grappling domination, injury concerns, financial considerations, personal preferences, desire for a unique legacy, and personal goals and ambitions. By staying in grappling, Ryan can continue to excel in his chosen discipline and leave an indelible mark on the world of combat sports.

why doesn't gordon ryan do mma

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