why doesnt planet mma work

Planet MMA is a popular mixed martial arts (MMA) platform that allows users to stream live fights, access fight archives, and engage in community discussions. However, despite its popularity, there are several reasons why Planet MMA may not work effectively for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of these reasons from various aspects.

Limited Availability of Fights

One of the main reasons why Planet MMA may not work for some users is the limited availability of fights. While the platform offers a wide range of fights, including major events, there is still a significant portion of fights that are not available for streaming. This can be frustrating for MMA fans who want to watch specific fights or follow specific fighters.

Furthermore, the availability of fights may vary depending on the user’s location. Due to licensing restrictions, certain fights may only be available in specific regions, limiting the accessibility for users in other parts of the world.

Additionally, some fights may be delayed on Planet MMA, which can be disappointing for users who prefer to watch fights in real-time.

Technical Issues

Another reason why Planet MMA may not work effectively is the presence of technical issues. Users have reported experiencing buffering problems, slow loading times, and occasional crashes while using the platform. These technical issues can disrupt the viewing experience and make it difficult for users to enjoy the fights.

Moreover, the platform’s user interface may not be user-friendly for everyone. Some users find it challenging to navigate through the website or access specific features, which can be frustrating and discouraging.

Furthermore, the compatibility of Planet MMA with different devices and operating systems may vary. Users may encounter compatibility issues when trying to access the platform on certain devices, limiting their ability to enjoy the fights.


The cost of accessing Planet MMA can also be a deterrent for some users. While the platform offers a subscription-based model, the monthly or yearly fees may not be affordable for everyone. Some users may find it more cost-effective to watch fights through other means or opt for free streaming platforms, which impacts the popularity and effectiveness of Planet MMA.

Additionally, the cost of pay-per-view events on Planet MMA can be quite high. Users who are not willing or able to pay for individual fights may seek alternative options to watch the events, reducing the platform’s effectiveness for generating revenue and providing a comprehensive viewing experience.

Lack of Interactive Features

Planet MMA’s community engagement features may not be sufficient for users who prefer a more interactive experience. While the platform allows users to participate in discussions and forums, it may lack features such as live chat during fights or interactive polls. This can make the viewing experience less engaging and limit the platform’s appeal to a broader audience.

why doesnt planet mma work

Moreover, the absence of personalized recommendations or tailored content based on user preferences may hinder the platform’s ability to cater to individual tastes and interests. Users may find it challenging to discover new fights or fighters that align with their preferences, reducing the effectiveness of Planet MMA as a comprehensive MMA platform.

Piracy Concerns

Piracy is a significant concern for platforms like Planet MMA. Some users may choose to access fights through illegal streaming websites or unauthorized sources, bypassing the need to pay for subscriptions or pay-per-view events. This not only impacts the revenue of the platform but also undermines the legitimacy and effectiveness of Planet MMA as a legal and reliable source for MMA content.

Furthermore, piracy can lead to a decrease in the quality of streams available on Planet MMA. Illegally streamed fights may suffer from poor video and audio quality, buffering issues, or unreliable connections, making it less appealing for users who value a high-quality viewing experience.

Competition from Other Platforms

Planet MMA faces tough competition from other MMA streaming platforms and television networks. With the rise of digital streaming services, users have more options to access MMA content. Platforms like UFC Fight Pass, ESPN+, and DAZN offer their own exclusive fights, archives, and additional content, creating a competitive landscape for Planet MMA.

Moreover, traditional television networks that broadcast MMA events may still be preferred by some users who prefer the convenience of watching fights on their TV screens. The availability of fights on multiple platforms can divide the audience and reduce the effectiveness of Planet MMA as the go-to platform for MMA content.


While Planet MMA is a popular MMA platform, there are several reasons why it may not work effectively for everyone. The limited availability of fights, technical issues, cost, lack of interactive features, piracy concerns, and competition from other platforms all contribute to the challenges faced by Planet MMA. By addressing these issues, the platform can enhance its effectiveness and provide a more comprehensive and satisfying experience for MMA fans.

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