why don mma fighters use taekwondo kicks

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport that incorporates various martial arts styles. One of the most effective and dynamic techniques used by MMA fighters is taekwondo kicks. Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, emphasizes high, fast, and powerful kicks. In this article, we will explore the reasons why MMA fighters choose to incorporate taekwondo kicks into their fighting repertoire.

1. Versatility

Taekwondo kicks offer a wide range of options for MMA fighters. They can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The versatility of taekwondo kicks allows fighters to adapt to different situations in the octagon, making them unpredictable and difficult to counter.

2. Speed and Agility

One of the main advantages of taekwondo kicks is their speed and agility. MMA fighters who incorporate taekwondo kicks into their fighting style can quickly close the distance between themselves and their opponents, creating opportunities for strikes or takedowns. The ability to execute kicks with speed and agility also helps in evading and countering attacks from opponents.

3. Range and Distance Control

Taekwondo kicks are known for their long-range capabilities. MMA fighters who utilize taekwondo kicks can effectively control the distance between themselves and their opponents. By keeping their opponents at a distance, they can avoid being clinched or taken down, and create openings for strikes.

4. Power and Impact

Taekwondo kicks are renowned for their power and impact. The explosive nature of these kicks allows MMA fighters to deliver devastating strikes that can incapacitate their opponents. The combination of speed, agility, and power makes taekwondo kicks a formidable weapon in the octagon.

5. Targeting Vulnerable Areas

Taekwondo kicks provide MMA fighters with the ability to target vulnerable areas of their opponents’ bodies. The precision and accuracy of these kicks enable fighters to aim for the head, body, or legs, depending on the situation. Targeting vulnerable areas can lead to knockouts, submission opportunities, or weakening an opponent’s mobility.

6. Psychological Advantage

Utilizing taekwondo kicks can also provide MMA fighters with a psychological advantage over their opponents. The flashy and dynamic nature of these kicks can intimidate opponents, making them more hesitant and cautious in their attacks. This psychological advantage can create openings for the fighter utilizing taekwondo kicks to capitalize on.

7. Training and Conditioning

Training in taekwondo enhances an MMA fighter’s overall conditioning and athleticism. The rigorous training required to master taekwondo kicks improves a fighter’s flexibility, strength, and endurance. This improved conditioning translates into better performance in the octagon, allowing fighters to maintain a high level of intensity throughout the fight.

8. Counterattacking Opportunities

Taekwondo kicks provide excellent opportunities for counterattacks. The speed and range of these kicks enable fighters to quickly counter their opponents’ strikes or takedown attempts. By effectively countering, fighters can turn the tables and gain the upper hand in a fight.

9. Spectacle and Entertainment Value

Lastly, taekwondo kicks add an element of spectacle and entertainment value to MMA fights. The acrobatic and dynamic nature of these kicks can captivate the audience, making fights more exciting to watch. The inclusion of taekwondo kicks in a fighter’s arsenal can help them stand out and gain popularity among fans.


why don mma fighters use taekwondo kicks

The use of taekwondo kicks by MMA fighters offers a multitude of benefits. From versatility and speed to power and psychological advantage, taekwondo kicks have proven to be a valuable tool in the arsenal of any MMA fighter. Incorporating taekwondo kicks into their fighting style allows fighters to exploit their opponents’ vulnerabilities and create opportunities for victory in the octagon.

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