why don’t body builders do mma

Bodybuilding and mixed martial arts (MMA) are two different sports that require different training methods and focus. While bodybuilders aim to build muscle mass and achieve a certain aesthetic, MMA fighters prioritize functional strength, agility, and endurance. This article will explore various reasons why bodybuilders do not typically participate in MMA.

Lack of Specific Training

One of the main reasons bodybuilders do not participate in MMA is the lack of specific training. Bodybuilding focuses on hypertrophy training, which involves lifting heavy weights to build muscle size and definition. In contrast, MMA training involves a combination of strength and conditioning, striking techniques, grappling, and submission holds. Bodybuilders may not have the necessary skills or experience in these areas.

Furthermore, MMA training requires a different approach to diet and nutrition. Bodybuilders often follow strict diets to achieve their desired physique, which may not be suitable for the intense physical demands of MMA. MMA fighters need to focus on fueling their bodies for endurance and recovery, rather than solely on aesthetics.

Higher Risk of Injury

MMA is a combat sport that involves physical contact and a higher risk of injury compared to bodybuilding. Bodybuilders primarily focus on building muscle and strength, while MMA fighters need to develop skills to defend themselves and withstand strikes from opponents. Engaging in MMA could increase the risk of serious injuries such as broken bones, concussions, or joint damage, which could hinder a bodybuilder’s ability to continue training and competing in their chosen sport.

Different Goals and Priorities

Bodybuilders and MMA fighters have different goals and priorities. Bodybuilders aim to sculpt their bodies and showcase their physiques on stage, while MMA fighters focus on winning fights and advancing their careers in the sport. The training methods, diet, and mindset required for these goals differ significantly, making it less likely for bodybuilders to transition into MMA.

why don't body builders do mma

Competitive Nature

Bodybuilding and MMA are both highly competitive sports, but they have different formats and judging criteria. Bodybuilding competitions are subjective, with judges evaluating participants based on their muscular development, symmetry, and presentation. MMA, on the other hand, involves direct competition against opponents, with victories determined by knockouts, submissions, or judges’ decisions. The competitive nature of MMA may not appeal to bodybuilders who prefer the controlled environment of stage competitions.

Time Commitment

MMA training requires a significant time commitment. Fighters need to dedicate hours to various aspects of training, including strength and conditioning, technique drills, sparring, and recovery. Bodybuilders already have demanding training schedules that focus on weightlifting and specific muscle group targeting. Adding MMA training into the mix could be challenging due to the time constraints and the need to balance different training modalities.

Age and Physical Limitations

Bodybuilding is a sport that can be pursued at any age, as long as the individual is willing to put in the effort and dedication. MMA, on the other hand, requires a higher level of physicality and athleticism. As bodybuilders age, they may face limitations in their ability to adapt to the intense physical demands of MMA. Joint issues, reduced mobility, and decreased reaction time could hinder their performance and increase the risk of injury.

Financial Considerations

MMA fighters often rely on prize money from fights and sponsorships to support their careers and livelihoods. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, typically earn income through endorsements, sponsorships, and appearances. Transitioning to MMA would require bodybuilders to invest time and resources into training without a guaranteed income, which may not be financially feasible for many.


While bodybuilders possess impressive strength and physique, their focus and training methods differ significantly from those of MMA fighters. The lack of specific training, higher risk of injury, different goals and priorities, competitive nature of MMA, time commitment, age and physical limitations, and financial considerations are all factors that contribute to bodybuilders generally not participating in MMA. Each sport requires unique skills, mindset, and dedication, making it unlikely for bodybuilders to venture into MMA.

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