why did kingdom mma get cancelled

why did kingdom mma get cancelled

Kingdom MMA was a popular mixed martial arts (MMA) television series that captivated audiences with its intense fights and compelling storylines. However, to the dismay of its dedicated fan base, the show was abruptly cancelled. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind the cancellation of Kingdom MMA.

Lack of Viewership

One of the main factors that led to the cancellation of Kingdom MMA was the decline in viewership. As the show progressed, it failed to attract a significant number of viewers, resulting in low ratings. This lack of audience interest ultimately led to the decision to cancel the series.

Furthermore, the competition in the television industry was fierce, with numerous other shows vying for viewers’ attention. Kingdom MMA struggled to stand out and failed to attract a broad enough audience to sustain its continuation.

Production Costs

why did kingdom mma get cancelled

Another reason for the cancellation of Kingdom MMA was the high production costs associated with the show. Producing an MMA series requires significant financial resources, including the costs of hiring professional fighters, creating realistic fight scenes, and maintaining high production values throughout the series. As the show’s popularity waned, it became increasingly difficult to justify the expenses involved, leading to its cancellation.

Creative Direction

The creative direction of Kingdom MMA also played a role in its cancellation. As the series progressed, some viewers felt that the storylines became repetitive and predictable. The lack of fresh and innovative ideas caused a decline in interest among the audience, ultimately leading to the show’s cancellation.

Additionally, the show’s creators may have faced challenges in developing compelling character arcs and maintaining the overall quality of the series. Without a strong and engaging narrative, viewers may have lost interest, contributing to the decision to cancel the show.

Contractual Issues

Contractual issues can often be a significant factor in the cancellation of a television series. For Kingdom MMA, it is possible that there were complications with the contracts of the actors, production crew, or even the broadcasting network. Disputes over financial terms, scheduling conflicts, or disagreements on creative decisions could have arisen, leading to the show’s cancellation.

Changing Television Landscape

The television landscape is constantly evolving, and audience preferences can shift over time. Kingdom MMA may have fallen victim to changing trends in the industry. Perhaps the rise of other genres or the emergence of new streaming platforms resulted in a decline in interest in MMA-themed shows, ultimately leading to the cancellation of Kingdom MMA.

Behind-the-Scenes Issues

Behind-the-scenes issues, such as conflicts among the production team or difficulties in securing funding, could have contributed to the cancellation of Kingdom MMA. If the show faced internal problems that affected its overall production, it would have been challenging to maintain the quality and consistency required to keep the series running.

Viewer Demographics

The demographics of the show’s viewers could have played a role in its cancellation. If the majority of the audience belonged to a specific age group or demographic that was not attractive to advertisers, it could have resulted in a lack of financial support and ultimately led to the cancellation of Kingdom MMA.


While Kingdom MMA had its fair share of devoted fans, various factors contributed to its cancellation. From declining viewership and high production costs to creative direction and contractual issues, the show faced numerous challenges that ultimately led to its demise. As the television industry continues to evolve, it is essential for shows to adapt and capture the interest of a broad audience to avoid a similar fate.

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