why in mma they hug on floor

why in mma they hug on floor

Why do fighters hug on the floor in MMA?

When watching mixed martial arts (MMA) fights, it is not uncommon to see fighters engage in close contact on the ground, often referred to as “hugging.” This grappling aspect of the sport serves several purposes and is a crucial component of a fighter’s strategy. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why fighters hug on the floor in MMA.

1. Control and Dominance

One of the primary reasons fighters hug on the floor is to establish control and dominance over their opponent. By initiating a grappling exchange, fighters aim to secure advantageous positions, such as mount or back control, which allow them to control the fight and potentially finish the bout with strikes or submissions.

Furthermore, hugging on the ground allows fighters to neutralize their opponent’s striking abilities, especially if they are facing a skilled striker. By taking the fight to the floor, they minimize the risk of getting knocked out and can utilize their own grappling skills to gain an advantage.

2. Submission Opportunities

Hugging on the ground also opens up opportunities for fighters to attempt submissions. By maintaining close contact and establishing control, fighters can set up submission holds, such as chokes or joint locks, which can force their opponent to tap out and end the fight.

Additionally, hugging on the ground allows fighters to apply pressure and wear down their opponent, making them more susceptible to submissions. This grappling aspect of MMA adds a strategic dimension to the sport and requires fighters to be proficient in both striking and grappling techniques.

3. Ground and Pound

Another reason for hugging on the ground is to execute ground and pound techniques. When fighters secure a dominant position on the ground, such as side control or mount, they can unleash a barrage of strikes on their opponent.

Hugging on the ground allows fighters to maintain control while delivering powerful punches, elbows, and hammer fists. Ground and pound can be highly effective in inflicting damage and potentially ending the fight by knockout or referee stoppage.

4. Defense and Escape

Fighters may also hug on the ground as a defensive strategy. If a fighter finds themselves in a disadvantageous position, such as being mounted or trapped in a submission hold, they may initiate a grappling exchange to nullify their opponent’s offense and buy time to escape.

Hugging on the ground allows fighters to create space, improve their position, or transition to a more favorable position. By using grappling techniques, fighters can defend against strikes and submissions, preventing their opponent from finishing the fight.

5. Takedowns and Throws

Another aspect of hugging on the ground is related to takedowns and throws. Fighters may initiate a grappling exchange to secure a takedown or execute a throw, aiming to bring their opponent to the ground.

Once on the ground, fighters can continue the fight in a grappling-based style, utilizing their skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, or other grappling disciplines. Takedowns and throws are often used as a means to gain control and dominance over the fight.

6. Strategic Resting

Hugging on the ground also provides fighters with an opportunity to strategically rest during a fight. MMA bouts can be physically demanding, and grappling exchanges can be physically exhausting.

By hugging on the ground, fighters can catch their breath, recover from strikes, and conserve energy for later rounds. This strategic resting can be crucial in maintaining performance and endurance throughout the fight.

7. Scoring Points

In MMA, judges score fights based on various criteria, including effective striking, grappling, and control. Hugging on the ground allows fighters to accumulate points in the eyes of the judges.

By establishing control, attempting submissions, or executing ground and pound, fighters can score points and potentially win rounds. This incentivizes fighters to engage in grappling exchanges and hugging on the ground to secure victory.

8. Conditioning and Training

Hugging on the ground is a fundamental aspect of MMA training and conditioning. Fighters spend countless hours practicing grappling techniques, takedowns, and submissions to improve their ground game.

By engaging in grappling exchanges during fights, fighters can apply their training and test their skills against opponents. This continuous practice and conditioning are essential for fighters to develop a well-rounded skill set in MMA.

why in mma they hug on floor


Hugging on the ground in MMA serves multiple purposes, including control, dominance, submission opportunities, ground and pound, defense, takedowns, strategic resting, scoring points, and conditioning. It is a strategic and tactical aspect of the sport that requires a combination of skill, technique, and physical conditioning. Understanding the reasons behind hugging on the ground allows for a deeper appreciation of the complexity and diversity of MMA as a combat sport.

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