why isnt mighty mouse in mma

why isnt mighty mouse in mma

Mighty Mouse, also known as Demetrious Johnson, is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. With a record-breaking reign as the UFC Flyweight Champion, it is surprising to many fans and experts that he is not currently competing in MMA. In this article, we will explore various reasons why Mighty Mouse is not in MMA, considering different aspects of his career and personal choices.

Lack of Challenges

One possible reason for Mighty Mouse’s absence from MMA is the lack of new challenges in the flyweight division. After dominating the division for several years, he had already defeated most of the top contenders. This could have led to a lack of motivation for him to continue fighting in a weight class where he had already proved his dominance.

Furthermore, the UFC’s decision to dissolve the flyweight division in 2018 and subsequently trade Johnson to ONE Championship might have played a role in his departure from the sport. Without a dedicated division in the UFC, Mighty Mouse may have felt that his opportunities for meaningful fights were limited.

Financial Considerations

Another aspect to consider is the financial aspect of Mighty Mouse’s decision. Despite his immense talent and success, the flyweight division has historically been less popular among fans compared to other weight classes. This could have resulted in lower pay-per-view numbers and consequently, lower financial returns for Johnson.

By moving to ONE Championship, Mighty Mouse may have found a more lucrative deal that offered better financial incentives. ONE Championship has been making significant investments in the flyweight division, which could have provided him with better financial security and opportunities for more lucrative fights.

Desire for New Challenges

After dominating the flyweight division for so long, Mighty Mouse may have felt the need for new challenges to further test his skills. Moving to a different organization like ONE Championship could have provided him with fresh opponents and a chance to prove himself in a new environment.

why isnt mighty mouse in mma

Additionally, the opportunity to compete against fighters from different martial arts backgrounds, such as Muay Thai and kickboxing, might have been appealing to Mighty Mouse. This could have been a driving factor in his decision to explore new opportunities outside of the UFC.

Personal Factors

Personal factors could also have influenced Mighty Mouse’s decision to step away from MMA. As a dedicated family man, he may have wanted to spend more time with his wife and children, especially considering the demanding nature of professional fighting.

Furthermore, injuries and wear and tear on the body could have played a role in his decision. Mighty Mouse has had his fair share of injuries throughout his career, and the toll it takes on the body could have contributed to his choice to take a break from the sport.

Exploring Other Opportunities

Mighty Mouse’s absence from MMA could also be attributed to his desire to explore other opportunities outside of fighting. He has expressed interest in video game streaming and esports, and has even signed a deal with Twitch to stream his gaming sessions.

By diversifying his career and exploring new ventures, Mighty Mouse may be able to build a brand beyond his fighting legacy, which could provide him with long-term financial stability and new avenues for personal growth.


While it is disappointing for fans to see Mighty Mouse absent from MMA, there are several reasons that could explain his decision. From a lack of challenges in the flyweight division to financial considerations, personal factors, and a desire to explore new opportunities, Mighty Mouse’s absence from the sport can be attributed to a combination of factors. Regardless of his current status, his legacy in MMA remains intact, and fans will always remember him as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

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