why dont mma fighters guard their facw

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that involves various fighting techniques from different disciplines. While fighters in MMA are required to wear gloves and protective gear, it is often questioned why they don’t specifically guard their face. In this article, we will explore several reasons why MMA fighters may choose not to guard their face.

1. Offensive Strategy

MMA fighters may choose not to guard their face as part of their offensive strategy. By keeping their hands low, they can generate more power and speed in their strikes. This allows them to deliver more devastating punches and kicks, potentially leading to a knockout.

However, this strategy requires exceptional reflexes and head movement to avoid getting hit. Fighters who employ this style often rely on their footwork and head movement to evade incoming strikes.

2. Defensive Tactics

Some fighters prefer to use defensive tactics other than guarding their face. They may utilize head movement, slipping, bobbing, and weaving techniques to avoid punches. This approach allows them to conserve energy and avoid getting hit directly.

Additionally, fighters may rely on their overall defensive skills, such as blocking with their arms or parrying strikes, rather than solely guarding their face. This approach enables them to protect their entire body, not just their face.

why dont mma fighters guard their facw

3. Counter-Striking Opportunities

By not guarding their face, MMA fighters create counter-striking opportunities. When an opponent throws a punch, the fighter can quickly counter with a strike of their own. This strategy requires precise timing and anticipation, but it can be highly effective in catching an opponent off guard.

Counter-striking can also disrupt an opponent’s rhythm and force them to be more cautious with their attacks, giving the unguarded fighter an advantage in the fight.

4. Tactical Advantage

Some fighters intentionally leave their face unguarded to create a tactical advantage. By presenting an open target, they lure their opponent into throwing punches. This allows the unguarded fighter to anticipate and counter with takedowns or submission attempts.

By baiting their opponent into striking, fighters can exploit their opponent’s aggression and use it against them, potentially leading to a submission victory.

5. Range Management

Guarding the face can limit a fighter’s range of motion and hinder their ability to strike effectively. By keeping their hands low, fighters can maintain a wider range of motion, allowing them to throw a wider variety of strikes with greater speed and power.

Furthermore, by not guarding their face, fighters can better gauge the distance between themselves and their opponent. This allows them to time their attacks more accurately and avoid being too defensive, which can lead to a stalemate in the fight.

6. Psychological Warfare

Leaving the face unguarded can be a psychological tactic. By showing confidence and fearlessness, fighters can intimidate their opponents. This can create doubt and hesitation in the opponent’s mind, potentially affecting their performance and decision-making during the fight.

Psychological warfare can also be used to provoke an opponent into making mistakes or becoming overly aggressive, which can be exploited by the unguarded fighter.


While it may seem counterintuitive, MMA fighters have various reasons for not guarding their face. Offensive strategies, defensive tactics, counter-striking opportunities, tactical advantages, range management, and psychological warfare are just a few aspects that contribute to this decision. Ultimately, each fighter has their own unique style and approach to the sport, and not guarding the face is just one aspect of their overall strategy in the octagon.

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