why no mma sweep kick back of knee

Why No MMA Sweep Kick Back of Knee

why no mma sweep kick back of knee

In mixed martial arts (MMA), the sweep kick is a versatile technique that can be used to off-balance and take down an opponent. However, there is a general consensus among MMA practitioners that the sweep kick should not target the back of the knee. In this article, we will explore various reasons why the sweep kick to the back of the knee is not commonly used in MMA.

1. Safety Concerns

One of the primary reasons why the sweep kick to the back of the knee is discouraged in MMA is due to safety concerns. The back of the knee is a vulnerable area that houses important ligaments and tendons. Targeting this area with a sweep kick can cause serious damage, including hyperextension or tearing of the ligaments.

Furthermore, the sweep kick to the back of the knee can also result in the opponent falling awkwardly, increasing the risk of injury to their legs, hips, or spine. MMA organizations prioritize the safety of their fighters, and techniques that pose a high risk of injury are generally discouraged.

2. Legal Restrictions

In some MMA organizations, there are specific rules and regulations that prohibit strikes to certain areas of the body, including the back of the knee. These rules are in place to prevent serious injuries and ensure fair competition. Violating these rules can result in penalties or disqualification.

By not allowing sweep kicks to the back of the knee, MMA organizations aim to create a level playing field and reduce the likelihood of severe injuries during fights.

3. Lack of Control

Another reason why sweep kicks to the back of the knee are not commonly used in MMA is the difficulty in controlling the technique. The back of the knee is a small target that requires precise accuracy and timing. Unlike other targets, such as the thigh or torso, the back of the knee is harder to hit consistently.

Moreover, a sweep kick to the back of the knee can easily miss the target and leave the kicker vulnerable to counterattacks. In MMA, where fighters are constantly moving and changing positions, it is crucial to have techniques that offer a higher chance of success and minimize the risk of getting countered.

4. Limited Effectiveness

The effectiveness of a sweep kick to the back of the knee is also a factor that discourages its use in MMA. While it may momentarily off-balance the opponent, it is less likely to result in a takedown compared to other sweep kicks targeting different areas, such as the thigh or calf.

Additionally, the back of the knee is a relatively stable joint, making it harder to disrupt the opponent’s balance with a sweep kick. Techniques that focus on destabilizing the opponent through sweeps to other areas, such as the legs or upper body, are generally more effective in MMA.

5. Strategic Disadvantages

From a strategic standpoint, sweep kicks to the back of the knee may not offer significant advantages in MMA. The primary goal of a sweep kick is to take the opponent down to the ground, where the kicker can gain a dominant position or apply submissions.

However, in MMA, fighters are trained in various grappling techniques and have a solid understanding of how to defend against takedowns. Sweep kicks to the back of the knee may not provide a substantial advantage in terms of gaining a dominant position or finishing the fight.

6. Risk of Counterattacks

Using a sweep kick to the back of the knee exposes the kicker to counterattacks. If the sweep kick fails to off-balance the opponent or take them down, the kicker may find themselves in a vulnerable position, with their leg extended and off the ground.

This leaves the kicker susceptible to strikes, takedowns, or submissions from the opponent. MMA fighters are trained to capitalize on any openings or mistakes made by their opponents, and a failed sweep kick to the back of the knee can be a costly mistake.


While the sweep kick is a valuable technique in MMA, targeting the back of the knee is generally discouraged for various reasons. Safety concerns, legal restrictions, lack of control, limited effectiveness, strategic disadvantages, and the risk of counterattacks all contribute to the decision to avoid sweep kicks to the back of the knee in MMA. Fighters and organizations prioritize the safety, effectiveness, and strategic advantages of techniques used in the sport, leading to the exclusion of this specific sweep kick from their repertoire.

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