why opponent lie on back in mma matches

why opponent lie on back in mma matches

Why Opponents Lie on Their Back in MMA Matches

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that combines various martial arts disciplines. One common strategy used by fighters is to lie on their back during a match. This tactic may seem counterintuitive, as being on the ground puts a fighter at a disadvantage. However, there are several reasons why opponents choose to adopt this position. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of why opponents lie on their back in MMA matches.

1. Ground Fighting Expertise

One primary reason why fighters lie on their back is their proficiency in ground fighting techniques. Some fighters have extensive training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or wrestling, which allows them to effectively fight from their backs. By utilizing their skills in submissions and sweeps, these fighters can neutralize their opponents’ attacks and potentially gain the upper hand.

Furthermore, being on their back allows fighters to control the distance and prevent their opponents from inflicting significant damage. They can use their legs, arms, and hips to create space and execute defensive maneuvers.

2. Submissions and Chokes

Lying on their back provides fighters with the opportunity to apply various submissions and chokes. From this position, they can attempt armbars, triangles, guillotines, and other techniques that can quickly end the fight. By forcing their opponents to engage on the ground, these fighters increase their chances of securing a submission victory.

Additionally, fighters who are proficient in chokes can use their legs to apply triangle chokes or their arms to execute arm-triangle chokes. These submissions can be highly effective, even when initiated from the bottom position.

3. Defensive Strategy

Adopting a defensive strategy is another reason why opponents lie on their back. By staying on the ground, fighters can minimize the risk of getting knocked out by avoiding strikes to the head. This strategy is particularly useful when facing opponents with superior striking skills.

Furthermore, lying on the back allows fighters to protect themselves by utilizing their guard. They can use their legs and arms to block and deflect strikes, reducing the impact and potential damage.

4. Baiting Opponents

Some fighters choose to lie on their back to bait their opponents into engaging on the ground. They may pretend to be vulnerable or weak, enticing their opponents to come closer. Once the opponent commits to a ground fight, these fighters can capitalize on their skills and surprise their opponents with swift submissions or reversals.

This strategy relies on the opponent underestimating the fighter’s ground game and falling into their trap.

5. Recovery and Rest

During a match, fighters can become exhausted due to the intense physical demands. Lying on their back allows them to conserve energy and recover. By minimizing movement and engaging in a defensive position, fighters can catch their breath and regain some strength before launching their own offensive attacks.

Resting on the ground also provides an opportunity for fighters to assess their opponent’s movements and weaknesses, strategizing for their next offensive or defensive moves.

6. Guard Attacks

The guard position is a fundamental aspect of ground fighting in MMA. When lying on their back, fighters can utilize their guard to launch attacks. They can attempt sweeps, strikes from the bottom, or set up submissions. This offensive approach from the guard position can catch opponents off guard and potentially lead to a victory.

Additionally, fighters who are skilled in the guard can effectively control their opponents’ posture and limit their striking options.

7. Ground-and-Pound Defense

Ground-and-pound is a common strategy used by fighters to inflict damage on their opponents while on the ground. By lying on their back, fighters can employ defensive techniques to minimize the impact of strikes. They can use their limbs to block and deflect punches, reducing the effectiveness of the ground-and-pound attack.

Furthermore, fighters who are adept at ground fighting can quickly transition from a defensive position to launching their own counter-attacks, catching their opponents off guard.

8. Exploiting Opponent’s Weaknesses

Lying on their back allows fighters to exploit their opponents’ weaknesses. Some opponents may have limited ground fighting skills or prefer to engage in stand-up striking. By forcing the fight to the ground, fighters can take advantage of their opponents’ vulnerabilities and increase their chances of securing a victory.

Additionally, opponents who lack experience in defending submissions or chokes may fall prey to skilled ground fighters, leading to a quick submission loss.


While lying on the back may initially seem like a disadvantageous position in MMA, fighters employ this strategy for several reasons. Ground fighting expertise, submissions and chokes, defensive strategies, baiting opponents, recovery and rest, guard attacks, ground-and-pound defense, and exploiting opponents’ weaknesses are some of the key factors that contribute to the decision to lie on the back. By understanding and mastering the intricacies of ground fighting, fighters can effectively utilize this position to their advantage and secure victories in MMA matches.

why opponent lie on back in mma matches

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