why wasnt suga at mma

why wasnt suga at mma

Why Wasn’t Suga at MMA?

On November 28, 2020, the annual Melon Music Awards (MMA) took place, and fans were eagerly awaiting the presence of their favorite BTS member, Suga. However, to their disappointment, Suga was not in attendance. This unexpected absence sparked curiosity and speculation among fans worldwide. Let’s explore the possible reasons why Suga wasn’t at MMA from various perspectives.

1. Health Concerns

why wasnt suga at mma

One possible reason for Suga’s absence at MMA could be health-related. As an artist who dedicates significant time and energy to his performances, it is crucial for him to prioritize his well-being. If Suga was facing any health issues or needed rest, it would be understandable for him to miss the event.

Moreover, BTS members have often spoken about the toll their demanding schedules can take on their physical and mental health. With their relentless touring and promotional activities, it is possible that Suga needed some time off to recharge and take care of himself.

2. Personal Commitments

Another reason for Suga’s absence could be personal commitments. Being a part of BTS does not mean that the members don’t have personal lives and responsibilities outside of their music career. Suga might have had prior engagements or family obligations that prevented him from attending MMA.

3. Scheduling Conflict

BTS is a globally renowned group with a packed schedule. It is not uncommon for members to have conflicting commitments that force them to miss certain events. Suga’s absence at MMA could simply be a result of overlapping schedules, where he had to prioritize other professional or personal engagements.

4. Injury or Accident

Given the physically demanding nature of BTS’s performances, it is possible that Suga sustained an injury or was involved in an accident that prevented him from attending MMA. In such cases, it is vital for an artist’s well-being that they prioritize their recovery and avoid exacerbating any existing injuries.

5. Creative Projects

Suga is not only a talented performer but also a skilled music producer and songwriter. It is possible that he was working on his personal creative projects during the time of the MMA event. As an artist, Suga might have needed the time to focus on his music and explore new avenues of artistic expression.

6. Rest and Rejuvenation

BTS members are known to work tirelessly, often juggling multiple projects simultaneously. It is crucial for their long-term sustainability that they take breaks to rest and rejuvenate. Suga’s absence at MMA could simply be because he needed time off to recharge and prepare for future activities.

7. Personal Reasons

Just like anyone else, BTS members have personal reasons that they may choose to keep private. Suga’s absence at MMA could be due to personal reasons that he does not wish to disclose to the public. It is important to respect their privacy and understand that they are entitled to personal space.

8. Group Strategy

BTS operates as a team, and their decisions are often made collectively. Suga’s absence at MMA might have been a strategic choice made by the group to maintain a balanced presence across different events and platforms. This decision could have been made to ensure that all members have equal opportunities to showcase their talents and engage with fans.


While fans may have missed seeing Suga at the Melon Music Awards, there can be several valid reasons for his absence. Whether it is health concerns, personal commitments, scheduling conflicts, injuries, creative projects, the need for rest, personal reasons, or group strategy, it is important to respect and support the decisions made by BTS and its members. As fans, we should continue to show our love and understanding, trusting that Suga’s well-being and the group’s best interests are being considered.

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