will bellator mma ever become as big as the ufc

will bellator mma ever become as big as the ufc

Bellator MMA and the UFC are two of the biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions in the world. While the UFC has dominated the MMA scene for many years, Bellator has been steadily growing in popularity and attracting top-tier fighters. This article will explore the question of whether Bellator MMA will ever become as big as the UFC, examining various aspects of the promotions.

Fighter Talent

One crucial aspect of any MMA promotion’s success is the caliber of fighters it attracts. The UFC has historically been able to sign and retain the best fighters in the world, giving it a significant advantage over Bellator. However, in recent years, Bellator has been able to sign several high-profile fighters, such as Rory MacDonald and Gegard Mousasi, showcasing its ability to compete in terms of talent acquisition.

Moreover, Bellator has implemented a strategy of developing homegrown talent through its reality television show, “The Ultimate Fighter.” This approach has allowed them to nurture promising fighters and build a solid roster.

While Bellator still has some catching up to do, the promotion’s ability to attract top fighters and develop new talent suggests that it has the potential to become as big as the UFC in terms of fighter talent.

International Expansion

The UFC has successfully expanded its reach globally, hosting events in various countries and attracting a diverse fan base. Bellator, on the other hand, has primarily focused on the North American market. However, the promotion has recently started making inroads into international markets, such as Europe and Asia.

By expanding its footprint globally, Bellator can tap into new fan bases and potentially rival the UFC’s international presence. However, it will require significant investment and strategic partnerships to compete with the UFC’s well-established international network.

Media Coverage

The UFC has secured lucrative broadcast deals with major sports networks, providing it with extensive media coverage and exposure. Bellator, while not on the same level as the UFC, has also secured television deals with networks like Paramount Network and DAZN.

To become as big as the UFC, Bellator needs to continue securing media partnerships and expanding its reach across different platforms. Increased media coverage will not only attract more fans but also help in attracting sponsorship deals and generating revenue.

Brand Recognition

The UFC has built a strong brand over the years, becoming synonymous with MMA in many people’s minds. Bellator, being a relatively younger promotion, still has work to do in terms of brand recognition. However, it has made significant strides in recent years, especially through its unique tournament format and exciting fights.

To become as big as the UFC, Bellator needs to continue building its brand through consistent high-quality events, engaging storytelling, and innovative marketing strategies.

Competition and Rivalries

The UFC’s dominance in the MMA industry has led to the perception that it is the only promotion that matters. However, healthy competition and exciting rivalries can help elevate Bellator’s status.

Bellator has already started creating compelling rivalries, such as Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez and Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Straus. These rivalries generate excitement and draw attention to the promotion.

By fostering more intense competition and promoting rivalries, Bellator can capture the interest of fans who are looking for alternatives to the UFC, potentially leading to its growth and success.

Event Production

The UFC is known for its high-quality event production, including impressive staging, lighting, and overall presentation. Bellator has also invested in improving its event production, but it still has some way to go to match the UFC’s standards.

By continuing to enhance its event production value, Bellator can create a more immersive and captivating experience for fans, attracting a larger audience and gaining credibility as a top-tier promotion.

Financial Resources

The UFC’s financial resources have played a significant role in its growth and dominance. The promotion has secured substantial investments and sponsorship deals, enabling it to sign top fighters and organize high-profile events.

Bellator, while backed by media conglomerate ViacomCBS, may not have the same financial resources as the UFC. However, with strategic investments and revenue growth, Bellator can bridge the gap and compete on a more equal footing.


will bellator mma ever become as big as the ufc

While Bellator MMA still has ground to cover to reach the same level of popularity and success as the UFC, it has shown promising signs of growth. With its ability to attract top fighters, expand internationally, secure significant media coverage, build its brand, foster competition and rivalries, enhance event production, and secure financial resources, Bellator has the potential to become as big as the UFC in the future.

Only time will tell if Bellator can continue its upward trajectory and challenge the UFC’s dominance in the MMA world.

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