will pros become obsolete under mma

will pros become obsolete under mma

With the rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a popular combat sport, there has been a growing debate about the future of traditional martial arts such as boxing, karate, and taekwondo. Some argue that these traditional forms will become obsolete under the dominance of MMA. In this article, we will explore various aspects of this argument and analyze whether or not traditional martial arts will indeed become obsolete under MMA.

Physical Conditioning

One aspect to consider is the physical conditioning required for MMA compared to traditional martial arts. MMA fighters need to have a well-rounded skill set, including striking, grappling, and ground fighting. This requires intense physical training that incorporates strength, endurance, and flexibility. Traditional martial arts, on the other hand, often focus on specific techniques and may not provide the same level of overall physical conditioning.

Furthermore, MMA fighters compete in longer bouts and need to be prepared for multiple disciplines. This demands a higher level of cardiovascular fitness compared to traditional martial arts, which may primarily focus on short bursts of intense activity. Therefore, in terms of physical conditioning, traditional martial arts may struggle to keep up with the demands of MMA.

Technique Effectiveness

Another aspect to consider is the effectiveness of techniques used in traditional martial arts in the context of MMA. MMA fighters have proven the effectiveness of techniques such as Muay Thai kicks, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submissions, and Western boxing punches. These techniques have been refined and tested in real combat situations, making them highly effective in the MMA arena.

On the other hand, traditional martial arts may rely on techniques that are less practical in a competitive MMA setting. Some techniques, such as elaborate katas or acrobatic kicks, may be aesthetically pleasing but lack practicality in a real fight. Therefore, the effectiveness of techniques used in traditional martial arts may be questioned in the face of the proven techniques employed in MMA.

Evolution of MMA

MMA is a constantly evolving sport that incorporates techniques and strategies from various martial arts disciplines. As the sport continues to evolve, it may incorporate more effective techniques from traditional martial arts, blurring the line between the two. This evolution could potentially lead to a resurgence of traditional martial arts within the MMA framework.

Furthermore, MMA fighters are known to cross-train in different disciplines, including traditional martial arts. This allows them to incorporate elements from these traditional forms into their MMA arsenal. As a result, traditional martial arts may not become obsolete under MMA but rather find a new place within the sport.

Cultural Significance

will pros become obsolete under mma

Traditional martial arts hold significant cultural value in many societies. They are deeply rooted in history, tradition, and philosophy. While MMA may dominate the combat sports scene, traditional martial arts will continue to be practiced and appreciated for their cultural significance.

Additionally, traditional martial arts often emphasize discipline, respect, and personal growth, which can have a positive impact on practitioners’ lives beyond the realm of competitive fighting. This aspect of traditional martial arts may continue to attract individuals who seek personal development rather than competitive success.


While there are arguments that traditional martial arts will become obsolete under the dominance of MMA, a comprehensive analysis reveals a more nuanced perspective. Traditional martial arts may struggle to match the physical conditioning and technique effectiveness demanded by MMA, but they can still find relevance within the sport through evolution and cross-training. Moreover, their cultural significance and focus on personal development ensure that traditional martial arts will continue to thrive outside of the competitive MMA arena.

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