will there be another season of kingdom mma on netflix

Kingdom MMA, a popular martial arts drama series, has gained a massive following since its release on Netflix. Fans are eagerly waiting to know if there will be another season of this thrilling show. In this article, we will explore the various aspects that could determine the possibility of a new season.

1. Popularity and Reception

The first factor to consider is the popularity and reception of Kingdom MMA. The series has received positive reviews from both critics and viewers, praising its intense action sequences and compelling storyline. Its growing fanbase and high viewership numbers on Netflix indicate a strong demand for another season.

2. Storyline Potential

The storyline potential is another crucial aspect. If there are unresolved plotlines or open-ended story arcs in the previous seasons, it increases the likelihood of a continuation. Kingdom MMA has left several intriguing threads that could be explored further, providing ample material for future seasons.

3. Availability of Source Material

Kingdom MMA is based on a webcomic series called “The Ultimate Fighter.” The availability of source material plays a significant role in determining the possibility of another season. If the webcomic continues to release new chapters or arcs, it provides a solid foundation for the show’s creators to draw inspiration and develop new seasons.

4. Cast and Crew

The availability and willingness of the cast and crew to return for another season is crucial. The actors’ schedules and commitments to other projects, as well as their interest in reprising their roles, can impact the production of a new season. Likewise, the show’s creators and directors should be willing to continue the series.

5. Financial Viability

Producing a high-quality series like Kingdom MMA requires significant financial investment. The financial viability of creating another season depends on factors such as production costs, potential revenue from streaming platforms, and the overall profitability of the show. If the previous seasons were financially successful, it increases the chances of a new season being greenlit.

6. Netflix’s Decision

Ultimately, the decision to renew Kingdom MMA for another season lies with Netflix. The streaming platform evaluates various factors, including viewership numbers, audience demand, critical reception, and overall business strategy, to determine whether to continue a series. Netflix’s commitment to producing original content and satisfying its subscribers’ preferences could work in favor of another season.


In conclusion, the possibility of another season of Kingdom MMA on Netflix depends on multiple factors. The show’s popularity, storyline potential, availability of source material, cast and crew availability, financial viability, and Netflix’s decision-making process all play a significant role. While fans eagerly await an official announcement, considering these aspects can provide insights into the likelihood of a new season.

will there be another season of kingdom mma on netflix

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