will there ever be inter promotional mma fights for titles

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gained immense popularity over the years, with fans eagerly anticipating matchups between fighters from different promotions. One question that often arises is whether there will ever be inter-promotional MMA fights for titles. This article will explore various aspects of this topic, considering factors such as promotion rivalries, fighter contracts, fan demand, regulatory hurdles, and potential benefits and drawbacks.

Promotion Rivalries

One major obstacle to inter-promotional fights for titles is the rivalries between different MMA promotions. Promotions like the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship often compete for viewership and revenue, making it challenging to negotiate cross-promotional matchups. Each promotion wants to maintain its own brand and reputation, which can hinder the possibility of inter-promotional fights.

Furthermore, promotions may have exclusive contracts with fighters, limiting their ability to compete in other organizations. This exclusivity often prevents fighters from participating in inter-promotional fights, as they are bound by contractual obligations to their respective promotions.

Fighter Contracts

Fighter contracts play a significant role in determining whether inter-promotional fights for titles can occur. Promotions invest time and money into developing fighters, and they want to ensure that their investment pays off. Contracts often include clauses that prevent fighters from competing outside their promotion, making it difficult for inter-promotional fights to take place.

However, in recent years, we have seen some promotions, such as ONE Championship and RIZIN, collaborating to allow fighters to compete in each other’s events. This shows that there is a possibility for promotions to work together and create opportunities for inter-promotional fights.

Fan Demand

One crucial factor that could influence the occurrence of inter-promotional fights is fan demand. MMA fans are passionate about seeing the best fighters face off against each other, regardless of their promotion. If there is enough demand from fans, promotions may be more inclined to collaborate and make inter-promotional fights a reality.

Additionally, the rise of social media and online platforms has allowed fans to voice their opinions and show support for inter-promotional matchups. This increased fan engagement could potentially sway promotions to consider cross-promotional fights.

Regulatory Hurdles

Another challenge to inter-promotional fights is the regulatory hurdles imposed by athletic commissions. Different promotions often operate under different rules and regulations, making it complicated to organize cross-promotional fights that adhere to all the necessary guidelines.

However, if athletic commissions can establish standardized rules and regulations for inter-promotional fights, it would create a more favorable environment for collaborations between promotions.

Potential Benefits

There are several potential benefits to inter-promotional fights for titles. Firstly, it would allow fans to witness dream matchups that were previously only hypothetical. Seeing fighters from different promotions compete against each other would generate excitement and increase the overall appeal of MMA.

will there ever be inter promotional mma fights for titles

Furthermore, inter-promotional fights could help determine the true champions in each weight class. Currently, each promotion has its own set of champions, but inter-promotional fights would provide a unified platform to crown the undisputed champions.


Despite the potential benefits, there are also drawbacks to consider. One major concern is that inter-promotional fights could lead to an imbalance in talent distribution. If top fighters continuously face off against each other, it could leave smaller promotions with a limited pool of talent and potentially harm their business.

Additionally, inter-promotional fights could create confusion among casual fans who are not familiar with the different promotions and their champions. It may require extensive marketing and promotion to educate fans and generate interest in these cross-promotional matchups.


While the possibility of inter-promotional MMA fights for titles faces numerous challenges, including promotion rivalries, fighter contracts, regulatory hurdles, and potential drawbacks, it is not entirely out of reach. With the right negotiations, fan demand, and regulatory cooperation, we may see the day when the best fighters from different promotions compete against each other to determine the ultimate champions in MMA.

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