Baraou dominates Eggington in WBA eliminator

Baraou dominates Eggington in WBA eliminator

Germany’s Abass Baraou defeated Sam Eggington by majority decision in their World Boxing Association (WBA) super welterweight eliminator fight on Friday in Telford, England.

The visiting fighter dominated the bout on cards of 117-111, 117-112 and 114-114 against veteran Eggington in the biggest fight of his career.

Baraou delivered a great fight in which he was able to work at all distances and took advantage thanks to his good boxing. His punching caused a cut near his opponent’s eye in the final part of the fight, which paid off for him to continue to gain the advantage and win the fight.

He is now set for a final eliminator at 154 pounds, which he will have to face against an opponent designated by the pioneer body’s Championships Committee.

Baraou’s record now stands at 15 wins, 1 loss and 9 knockouts, while Eggington improved his record to 34 wins and 9 losses.

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