Fury’s Foolhardy Decision: A Rematch with Usyk

Fury’s Foolhardy Decision: A Rematch with Usyk

Tyson Fury has expressed his desire for a rematch with Oleksandr Usyk after suffering a defeat last Saturday. He will need to begin training by July to prepare for the fight. However, it seems doubtful that Fury’s chin will have enough time to recover from the knockout he experienced.

It is likely that a rematch with Usyk will only result in Fury getting knocked out faster. While some fans may argue otherwise, it is clear that Fury was knocked out and saved by the referee in the last fight.

Given the short timeframe for recovery, it is possible that the Fury-Usyk rematch could be postponed if Fury struggles during training. It seems that Fury’s pride may be clouding his judgment in pursuing this fight.

Despite Fury’s determination to face Usyk again, many doubt his chances of winning. Usyk’s victory last weekend showcased his dominance over Fury, and it is uncertain if the referee will intervene to save Fury again.

It is evident that Fury’s ability to withstand punches has diminished, making him more vulnerable in a rematch with Usyk. The question remains whether Fury’s pride will be his downfall in pursuing this fight.

Promoter Frank Warren insists that the last fight was close, with differing opinions on who should have won. However, it is clear that Fury faces an uphill battle in the rematch with Usyk.

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