Haney Questions Ryan Garcia’s Mental State, Fight in Jeopardy?

Haney Questions Ryan Garcia’s Mental State, Fight in Jeopardy?

Devin Haney has deep concerns about the mental state of Ryan Garcia and their willingness to stick it out for their April 20th fight. Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) feels that Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) wants out of their fight, and recent behavior is a strong indicator that he’s looking to get out.

Today, Ryan surprised the media by admitting that he smokes weed and drinks. Last night, the 25-year-old Ryan was photoed with what appeared to be a large joint in his mouth. Whether this is a signal that he plans on backing out is the million question.

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Some would argue that Ryan is building up an excuse to tell the fans if things don’t work out for him and he loses. He can always blame the defeat on not being dialed in or enjoying recreational drugs and alcohol.

Haney risks diluting the matchup’s appeal

It shouldn’t matter to WBC light welterweight champion Haney as long as he wins. If this is about money and wanting to receive as much credit as possible, Haney would be wise not to continue to talk about his suspicions of Ryan using drugs. Haney is hurting financially his fight with Ryan by talking about drugs. Perhaps he’s too thick to understand that, though.

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By Haney talking about this constantly the way he’s doing now, it’s muddying the waters, hurting the interest in the fight. Haney can’t mentally grasp that he’s hurting himself by bad-mouthing Ryan because that could lead to fewer boxing fans purchasing the fight on PPV, which means less money for him.

Also, if Haney wants full credit for his victory, it’s better that he not continue with his theme of Ryan being a druggie, considering he won’t get the praise that he’d hoped for if he wins. It’s troubling that Devin can’t grasp that he’s hurting his cause by going down this avenue during the build-up to his fight.

If Haney doesn’t know how to market his fight with Ryan, he should stay quiet and let his dad, Bill, do the talking or hire someone who can speak for him. Haney’s lack of awareness about the fight promotion.

If Devin isn’t able to fully grasp how he’s hurting the promotion, his promoters or his dad, Bill, need to pull him aside and talk with him and try to drive home the importance of putting a positive spin on the fight, not the negative one.

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As for Bill, he should focus on keeping it light during press conferences and not be mean-spirited like he was today, belittling Ryan’s father about wearing a toupee. It came across as cruel, and the attendees were uncomfortable watching this.

Devin Haney has raised serious doubts about Ryan Garcia’s mental state and dedication ahead of their heavily anticipated April 20th clash. In a recent DAZN interview following their chaotic Los Angeles press conference, Haney voiced his belief that Garcia may not even make it to the fight.

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Respect Lost, Rematch Unlikely

“The world is concerned if he’s going to show up,” said Devin Haney to DAZN after his LA press conference with Ryan Garcia. “Look at him. The things that he’s doing is not normal. It’s not regular,” said Haney when asked why he thinks Ryan won’t show up for the fight with him on April 20th.

“It’s not common for somebody that is getting ready for the biggest fight of their life. I used to have respect for him, but now, I lost all respect for him after April 20th, I don’t want nothing to do with him after that,” said Haney.

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Doubts and Uncertainty

“I don’t see myself fighting him again. I see myself beating him so easily, so bad that there won’t be no point in a rematch. Ryan, a guy that is out of his mind,” said Devin when asked what he sees in the eyes of Garcia when he looks him in the eyes.

“I don’t got nothing to say to him. I hope he shows up on April 20th. I wasn’t going to show up. They’re playing in my face. What’s the point of showing up. He might not even make it to April 20th,” said Haney, commenting on him saying yesterday that he might not show up for today’s LA press conference. “He’s not respecting himself.”

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