‘Not the smartest in the ring fighter’: Robert Garcia not convinced Rolly will beat Pitbull

‘Not the smartest in the ring fighter’: Robert Garcia not convinced Rolly will beat Pitbull

Robert Garcia takes time to talk with Fight Hub TV about this weekend’s fight between Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, reasoning that it’s going to be a good action fight even though he gives Cruz the edge to win the fight because of Romero’s lack of ring IQ. Garcia still gives Romero a puncher’s chance however, but check out how he breaks down the matchup.

Garcia on the Rolly vs Pitbull

“I think it’s going to be a great fight because Rolly is one of those guys that puts up good fights, he’s in there, he’s awkward, he’s difficult, he’s got power. And I know the odds and most of the boxing people are thinking that Pitbull’s going to beat him but he’s got that power, he’s awkward, he could land a punch that Pitbull don’t see and hurt him and finish him.

“Me, personally, I think Pitbull’s going to pull it off. He’s got one of those styles that makes it difficult for everybody, it doesn’t matter who he’s fighting. He fought Tank and made it pretty difficult for Tank even though from what I understand Tank had an injured hand. Still made it difficult for him, he’d make it difficult for anybody. Those types of styles are always going to be difficult against anybody.

“I don’t see Rolly as being the most talented fighter out there, maybe not the smartest in the ring fighter…he could also be caught into maybe getting into exchanges or putting up a fight for the fans and that’s where Pitbull could take advantage.

“I see Pitbull pulling it out. Still not an easy fight, it’s still a dangerous fight and Rolly could easily, like Leonard Ellerbe’s saying and Rolly’s saying himself that he’s going to knock him out, it could also happen.”

On Romero intending to get back to the basics of boxing under Ismael Salas

“Good for him because I have nothing but respect for Salas as a trainer. I’ve told him many times — I actually enjoy talking to him, having good conversations with him because his boxing knowledge is special. I pick up a lot of stuff from him. We’ve been in opposite corners a few times. I have nothing but respect for him. He’s one of the best out there so it’s good.”

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