PREDICTIONS: Wilder vs Zhang and the rest of the 5v5

PREDICTIONS: Wilder vs Zhang and the rest of the 5v5

The highly anticipated showdown between Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang is set to take place as the headline event at the Queensberry vs Matchroom 5v5 show in Riyadh this Saturday. With both fighters known for their heavy-handed punches, the outcome of this battle remains uncertain.

Scott Christ believes that Wilder’s right hand could be a game-changer, but questions whether he can actually unleash it. Meanwhile, Zhang’s stamina could be crucial in the early rounds, as Wilder tends to carry his power late into fights. Christ predicts a decision victory for Zhang.

Wil Esco also acknowledges the potential for an early victory by Zhang due to his conditioning, but ultimately predicts Wilder to secure a late TKO victory. John Hansen emphasizes the importance of throwing punches in boxing and doubts Wilder’s ability to regain his former glory against a formidable opponent like Zhang.

Patrick Stumberg views cardio as the determining factor in this fight, with Wilder’s endurance potentially outlasting Zhang’s limited output. Stumberg predicts a knockout victory for Wilder in the seventh round.

In addition to the main event, the experts provide their quick picks for other fights on the card, offering a variety of predictions for each matchup.

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