Ryan Garcia Promises “Obliteration” for Haney, Stoking Pre-Fight Hype

Ryan Garcia Promises “Obliteration” for Haney, Stoking Pre-Fight Hype

Ryan Garcia predicts “obliteration of Devin Haney in their April 20th fight on DAZN PPV in Las Vegas. Garcia says he will break Haney’s ribs and leave him in sorry shape by the time the fight ends. He’s just hoping for Devin’s sake that his dad, Bill Haney, has the fight halted to save him.

Ryan intends to fight Haney (31-0, 15 KOs), not boxing. He learned from his six fights with Haney in the amateurs that the best way to defeat him is to focus on power-punching, his fighting style since turning pro.

If Ryan destroys Haney, it’ll vault to the top of the sport and set up a massive rematch on DAZN PPV. The second fight would make loads of money for both fighters.

‘Looking to Fight, Not Box’

“Obliteration, broken ribs, no crumbs on the table. His dad needs to stop the fight, or it can get really bad,” said Ryan Garcia to Ariel Helwani’s forum when asked what his prediction is for his fight against Devin Haney on April 20th on DAZN PPV.

“I hope he gets out of the fight okay and goes back to his family to enjoy his money. It’s going to get really ugly out there. I’m not looking to box. I’m looking to fight.”

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Haney isn’t going to like hearing what Ryan is saying, but it probably won’t change anything about how he’s going to fight. For Haney to change his current style would be too risky.

It’s safe to say that Haney will use the same Shakur-esque style that he successfully employed for his last fight against WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis last December.

Devin has used that style since getting rocked in his fight with Jorge Linares several years ago. The way Haney fights now is almost identical to Shakur Stevenson, but with more clinching than he typically does.

It’s an ugly style to use, but Haney has no choice. He can’t punch and doesn’t have the chin to stand and fight Ryan or any fighter with power at 140.

He Sees Fear in Haney

“Did you see his face? His lips started trembling. He was going white,” said Ryan about Haney when the two met face-to-face during their recent altercation. “I said, ‘You’re going to feel fear, right?’ And I started raising my voice.

“He curled up like a ball, and he didn’t know what to say, and Iust grabbed him [Haney] by the neck. We were going to do a face-off as planned, but as we were walking to the spot, he [Bill Haney] was talking s*** already,” said Ryan about Bill Haney getting uppity during their Super Bowl week kick-off meeting to promote their fight on April 20th.

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What was interesting about that staged-looking mini-skirmish was how Devin pulled back after Ryan shoved him and let Bill Haney go on the attack. Bill was off the leash, trying to get through a huge mountain of a security bodyguard to get to Ryan.

Bill deserves an Academy Award if that was acting because he was so believable. It was pure Silence of the Lambs mode for Bill, snarling, looking like he wanted to sink his teeth into Ryan if he could get at him.

Accusations Fly: Bill Haney Called a ‘Pimp’

“As I was walking to the spot, I turned around and said [to Devin], ‘You’re not my friend. Your dad is a pimp, and he’s pimping you.’ No one is talking about it. His dad is a real-life pimp,” said Ryan.

“That’s why I said, ‘He’s pimping you.’ He’s in control. What do pimps do? They control their girls. He’s pimping his son. That makes sense. He doesn’t even speak for himself. His dad speaks for him. ‘He’s pimping you.’”

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Bill is good at hustling fights for Devin; you have to give him that. He goes the extra mile to stir up some game for him. The way that Bill won’t give up on Gervonta Davis’ fight is a perfect example of his hustling ability. He literally won’t take no for an answer and seems obsessed with that fight, even ignoring what’s on Devin’s plate right now with the Ryan clash.

Garcia vs. Haney: A Mega-Fight

“My fight against Devin is a bigger fight than any fight Canelo can do except against Benavidez,” said Ryan.

Canelo Alvarez hasn’t been involved in a big fight in many years, so it’s not surprising that Haney vs. Garcia would bring in better numbers. Alvarez has hurt his career by not taking the risks that he needed to for him to continue being super popular.

That’s the guy thing about Ryan Garcia. He’s not afraid to face the best. Haney isn’t the best champion at 140, but he’s at least #2 behind Subriel Matias. For Ryan to take on, Haney shows you the kind of courage that he has.

“Other than that, we will bring in way more money to Vegas and way more high rollers to Vegas. The bigger fight should be the priority. With respect to Canelo, he’s still the ‘Face of Boxing,’ but this young King [Ryan Garcia] is coming, and I’m coming strong,” said Ryan.

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It’s too bad for Ryan that he won’t get the opportunity to fight Haney in Las Vegas like he wanted to, as the decision has already been made that their fight will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) is defending his WBC light welterweight title against Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs), who says he’s not the same drained fighter that got “played” in his seventh-round knockout loss to Gervonta Davis last year in April.

Ryan made the mistake of agreeing to the weight stipulations involving a catchweight handicap for Tank and a rehydration clause that drained the fight out of Kingry.

He says that he was a “dead man walking” by fight time and had no strength to fight the way he normally would. That’s not going to happen with this clash against Haney so that we could see a much different version of Ryan than last year.

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