Tyson adorns WBA Africa event in Libya

Tyson adorns WBA Africa event in Libya

Boxing was banned in Libya since 1979 until 2011. However, no professional event had been held in the country until March 1, 2024 when, thanks to the World Boxing Association (WBA), WBA Africa titles will be disputed with a guest of honor: Mike Tyson.

Tyson arrived in the country on February 29 and is ready to enjoy three great fights. The first one for the WBA-Africa super featherweight between the French-Moroccan bKhalil El Hadri (17-2, 9KO) and Oscar Duge from Tanzania. The second bout will be for the middleweight WBA-Africa will be between French-Moroccan Bilel Jkitou (18-2, 8 KO) and Tanzanian Saimon Mpenda (9-2, 4KO). The third, will be for the WBA Gold Africa light heavyweight fight between Saad Fathi Saad (2-1, 1KO) from Libya and Ivory Coast’s Adama Kone (4-2, 3KO).

This will be an event that will have a full house, and more than 4 thousand fans will attend the event that marks the return of boxing to the country and will be more ineresting with the presence of Tyson and the WBA.

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