who did floyd mayweather beat in his penultimate boxing match

Floyd Mayweather is a retired American professional boxer who has had an illustrious career in the sport. He is known for his unbeaten record and his ability to dominate opponents in the ring. In this article, we will be discussing Floyd Mayweather’s penultimate boxing match and the opponent he faced.

The Opponent

Floyd Mayweather’s penultimate boxing match was against Andre Berto. Berto is a Haitian-American boxer who had a record of 30 wins, 3 losses, and 0 draws at the time of the fight. He was a former WBC welterweight champion and had previously fought some of the best fighters in the division, including Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero.

The Build-Up

The build-up to the Mayweather vs. Berto fight was relatively low-key compared to some of Mayweather’s previous fights. There was not as much trash talk or hype surrounding the fight, and it was seen as a relatively easy win for Mayweather. However, Berto was confident in his abilities and believed that he could pull off an upset.

The Fight

The Mayweather vs. Berto fight took place on September 12, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather dominated the fight from start to finish, using his superior boxing skills and defense to outclass Berto. Berto had some moments in the fight where he was able to land some punches, but Mayweather was never in any real danger throughout the fight.

The Scorecards

The judges’ scorecards for the Mayweather vs. Berto fight were unanimous, with all three judges scoring the fight in favor of Mayweather. The scores were 120-108, 118-110, and 117-111. This was Mayweather’s 49th win in his professional boxing career, and he would go on to retire after his next fight.

who did floyd mayweather beat in his penultimate boxing match

The Legacy

Mayweather’s win over Berto was seen as a relatively easy victory, and it did not add much to his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time. However, it was a fitting end to his career, as he was able to retire with an unbeaten record and cement his place in boxing history.

The Aftermath

After the Mayweather vs. Berto fight, Mayweather announced that he would be retiring from boxing. He has since dabbled in other ventures, including promoting fights and investing in businesses. Berto, on the other hand, has continued to fight and has had mixed success in the ring.


Floyd Mayweather’s penultimate boxing match against Andre Berto was a relatively easy win for the undefeated boxer. While it did not add much to his legacy, it was a fitting end to his career before his final fight. Berto, while unsuccessful in the fight, has continued to fight and has had some success in the years since.

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