who won boxing match between wilder and ortiz

who won boxing match between wilder and ortiz

The boxing match between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz was highly anticipated by fans and experts alike. Both fighters are known for their exceptional skills and knockout power, making this match a must-watch event in the boxing world. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the match and determine who emerged as the winner.

Fighter Background

Before discussing the outcome of the match, it is crucial to understand the background of both fighters. Deontay Wilder, also known as “The Bronze Bomber,” is an American professional boxer who held the WBC heavyweight title at the time of the match. Luis Ortiz, a Cuban professional boxer, is a former WBA interim heavyweight champion. Both fighters had an impressive record leading up to the match.

Pre-Fight Hype

The pre-fight hype surrounding Wilder vs. Ortiz was immense. Boxing fans eagerly awaited this showdown as both fighters had displayed exceptional skills and knockout power in their previous matches. The media coverage and promotional events added to the excitement, making it one of the most talked-about fights of the year.

Match Analysis

The match between Wilder and Ortiz was a thrilling encounter that showcased the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses. Wilder’s lightning-fast jabs and powerful right hand were on full display, while Ortiz’s technical skills and counterpunching ability made him a formidable opponent.

Early Rounds

The early rounds of the match were closely contested, with both fighters displaying their skills and trying to establish dominance. Wilder’s speed and agility allowed him to land a few clean punches, but Ortiz’s defensive skills prevented any significant damage. The rounds were marked by intense exchanges and strategic maneuvering.

Mid-Fight Momentum Shift

In the middle rounds, Wilder managed to find his rhythm and started to assert his dominance. His powerful right hand proved to be a game-changer as he landed a series of devastating punches that rocked Ortiz. The momentum began to shift in Wilder’s favor, and he started to take control of the match.

Ortiz’s Resilience

Despite facing a barrage of powerful punches from Wilder, Ortiz displayed remarkable resilience and refused to back down. He showcased his defensive skills and counterpunching ability, landing a few clean shots on Wilder. Ortiz’s determination and ability to withstand Wilder’s onslaught impressed both fans and experts.

Wilder’s Knockout Blow

As the match progressed into the later rounds, Wilder’s relentless pressure and powerful punches took a toll on Ortiz. In the seventh round, Wilder unleashed a devastating right hand that sent Ortiz crashing to the canvas. The referee immediately called off the fight, declaring Wilder the winner by knockout.

Post-Match Reactions

The post-match reactions were a mix of awe and admiration for both fighters. Wilder’s knockout power and Ortiz’s resilience were widely praised by fans and experts. The match was considered a testament to the skills and determination of both fighters, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their future bouts.


who won boxing match between wilder and ortiz

In conclusion, Deontay Wilder emerged as the winner of the boxing match against Luis Ortiz. Wilder’s powerful punches and relentless pressure proved to be too much for Ortiz to handle. However, Ortiz’s resilience and defensive skills should not be overlooked, as he put up a valiant fight. This match will be remembered as a thrilling encounter between two exceptional fighters.

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