who won the boxing match between lomachenko and pedraza

The boxing match between Vasyl Lomachenko and Jose Pedraza was highly anticipated by fans and experts alike. Both fighters had impressive records and were considered top contenders in their weight class. The match took place on December 8, 2018, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the fight to determine who emerged as the winner.

Fighter Profiles

Lomachenko, a Ukrainian professional boxer, had an outstanding record of 11 wins with no losses at the time of the fight. He was known for his exceptional footwork, agility, and technical skills. On the other hand, Pedraza, a Puerto Rican boxer, had a record of 25 wins with only one loss. He had a reputation for his strong defensive skills and ability to withstand heavy punches.

Pre-Fight Expectations

Prior to the match, many experts predicted a tough and competitive fight. Lomachenko was considered the favorite due to his impressive record and boxing style. His ability to adapt to different opponents and his relentless pressure were expected to pose a significant challenge for Pedraza. However, Pedraza’s defensive skills and counter-punching abilities were also expected to make the fight interesting.

Round-by-Round Analysis

The fight consisted of twelve rounds, and each round presented its own unique dynamics. In the early rounds, Lomachenko showcased his superior footwork and accuracy, landing several clean punches. Pedraza, however, demonstrated his resilience and defensive skills, managing to avoid some of Lomachenko’s attacks.

As the fight progressed, Lomachenko’s relentless pressure started to wear down Pedraza. Lomachenko’s combinations and ability to switch stances confused Pedraza, making it difficult for him to mount a consistent offense. Pedraza, though, continued to display his defensive prowess, occasionally landing counter-punches.

In the later rounds, Lomachenko’s dominance became more apparent. He increased the intensity of his attacks, landing powerful shots to Pedraza’s body and head. Pedraza, despite his best efforts, struggled to keep up with Lomachenko’s speed and precision.

Judges’ Decision

After twelve rounds of intense action, the judges rendered their decision. All three judges scored the fight in favor of Vasyl Lomachenko. The final scorecards read 119-107, 117-109, and 117-109 in favor of Lomachenko. This unanimous decision confirmed Lomachenko as the winner of the match.

Post-Fight Analysis

Lomachenko’s victory over Pedraza showcased his exceptional boxing skills and ability to adapt to different opponents. His footwork, accuracy, and relentless pressure proved too much for Pedraza to handle. Lomachenko’s performance further solidified his position as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world.

Pedraza, despite the loss, displayed his defensive skills and resilience throughout the fight. He managed to land some effective counter-punches and demonstrated his ability to withstand Lomachenko’s powerful attacks. Pedraza’s performance earned him respect from fans and experts alike.


who won the boxing match between lomachenko and pedraza

In the boxing match between Lomachenko and Pedraza, Vasyl Lomachenko emerged as the clear winner. His superior skills, relentless pressure, and ability to adapt to his opponent’s style proved to be too much for Pedraza. However, Pedraza’s defensive skills and resilience should not be overlooked, as he put up a valiant effort. The fight was a testament to the skill and determination of both fighters.

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