who won the boxing match jake paul or ben

Jake Paul vs Ben: Who Won the Boxing Match?

The highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben has finally taken place, leaving fans and critics alike eager to know the outcome. Both fighters entered the ring with determination and a desire to prove themselves, but only one could emerge as the winner. Let’s delve into various aspects of the match to determine who ultimately came out on top.

Fighting Skills and Technique

Jake Paul, known for his previous boxing victories, showcased his refined fighting skills and technique throughout the match. He displayed excellent footwork, quick jabs, and powerful hooks, effectively keeping Ben on the defensive. Paul’s ability to maintain a strong defense while effectively landing punches gave him an advantage in this aspect of the fight.

On the other hand, Ben, although not as experienced in boxing, demonstrated resilience and determination. He relied on his background in mixed martial arts to deliver strong punches and utilize his grappling skills whenever possible. However, his lack of refined boxing technique became apparent as the match progressed.

Physical Conditioning

Physical conditioning plays a crucial role in boxing matches, and both fighters appeared to be in great shape. Jake Paul’s rigorous training regimen and dedication to fitness were evident in his stamina and endurance. He maintained a high level of energy throughout the fight, allowing him to consistently pressure Ben and keep up the intensity.

Ben, while also displaying decent physical conditioning, seemed to tire more quickly than Paul. This could be attributed to his limited experience in the boxing ring and the intensity of the match. As fatigue set in, Ben’s punches became less powerful, giving Paul an advantage in this aspect of the fight.

Strategic Approach

Jake Paul entered the match with a well-thought-out strategy, focusing on utilizing his reach advantage and keeping the fight at a distance. He effectively controlled the pace of the match, dictating the exchanges and frustrating Ben with his strategic approach. Paul’s ability to stick to his game plan and execute it flawlessly gave him an edge in this aspect of the fight.

who won the boxing match jake paul or ben

Ben, on the other hand, attempted to close the distance and engage in close-range exchanges. While this approach allowed him to land a few powerful punches, it also exposed him to Paul’s counters. Ben’s strategy, although aggressive, did not prove to be as effective as Paul’s calculated approach.

Ring Control

In terms of ring control, Jake Paul dominated the match. He effectively dictated the pace, positioning himself strategically and constantly pressuring Ben. Paul’s ability to cut off the ring and limit Ben’s movement gave him an advantage in controlling the flow of the fight.

Ben, despite his efforts, struggled to maintain control of the ring. He found himself constantly on the back foot, reacting to Paul’s movements rather than dictating the pace. This lack of ring control ultimately worked against him in the fight.

Judges’ Decision

After an intense and closely contested match, the judges unanimously declared Jake Paul as the winner. His superior boxing skills, physical conditioning, strategic approach, and ring control all contributed to his victory. While Ben put up a valiant effort, he fell short in several aspects, leading to the judges’ decision in favor of Paul.


In conclusion, Jake Paul emerged victorious in the boxing match against Ben. His superior fighting skills, physical conditioning, strategic approach, and ring control all played a significant role in securing his win. However, it is important to acknowledge Ben’s determination and resilience throughout the fight. Both fighters showcased their strengths and weaknesses, making the match an engaging spectacle for fans and leaving room for future improvement for both competitors.

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