who won the boxing match with jake paul

who won the boxing match with jake paul

Jake Paul: The Controversial Boxing Star

Since his debut in the boxing world, Jake Paul has been a polarizing figure. With a massive online following and a string of high-profile fights, he has managed to capture the attention of both boxing enthusiasts and casual fans. One of the most frequently asked questions about Jake Paul is: who won the boxing match with him? In this article, we will delve into the different aspects surrounding Jake Paul’s boxing career and explore the outcome of his matches.

The Early Matches

When Jake Paul first stepped into the ring, he faced opponents who were relatively inexperienced in professional boxing. These matches served as a platform for him to showcase his skills and build his reputation. While he emerged victorious in these early bouts, critics argued that his opponents were not on par with his level of talent.

However, it is important to note that winning these matches required discipline, training, and determination. Jake Paul’s dedication to his craft cannot be overlooked, as he put in the hard work necessary to secure these victories.

The Nate Robinson Fight

One of Jake Paul’s most high-profile matches was against former NBA player Nate Robinson. The fight generated a tremendous amount of buzz due to the contrasting backgrounds of the two competitors.

Ultimately, Jake Paul emerged as the winner of the fight, showcasing his boxing skills and delivering a knockout punch that left Robinson on the canvas. This victory further solidified Paul’s position as a legitimate boxer and garnered him even more attention from the boxing community.

The Ben Askren Bout

In April 2021, Jake Paul faced off against former MMA fighter Ben Askren. This match was highly anticipated, as it marked Paul’s first fight against a seasoned combat sports athlete.

Despite the skepticism surrounding his abilities, Jake Paul managed to defeat Ben Askren in the first round with a knockout. This victory was significant, as it showcased Paul’s ability to compete against more experienced opponents and raised questions about his future in the boxing world.

who won the boxing match with jake paul

The Tyron Woodley Showdown

As of the time of writing, Jake Paul’s most recent fight was against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. This match was highly anticipated, as Woodley posed a significant challenge to Paul’s undefeated record.

The fight went the distance, with Jake Paul winning by split decision. While some spectators felt that Woodley had performed better, the judges ultimately awarded the victory to Paul. This win solidified his position as a legitimate boxer and further fueled the ongoing debate surrounding his skills.


When it comes to determining who won the boxing match with Jake Paul, it is clear that he has had a successful career so far. While his opponents have varied in skill level, Paul has consistently demonstrated his ability to win fights and secure victories.

However, the controversy surrounding Jake Paul’s boxing career continues to divide opinions. Some argue that his success is a result of careful matchmaking, while others believe that he possesses genuine talent and potential in the sport.

Regardless of one’s personal stance, there is no denying that Jake Paul has made a significant impact on the boxing world. With each fight, he continues to capture the attention of fans and critics alike, leaving everyone curious about his next move.

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