who won the fights this weekend

Who Won the Fights This Weekend: A Comprehensive Recap

This weekend saw some thrilling fights across various combat sports. From boxing to MMA, fighters stepped into the ring and octagon to prove their mettle. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at who won the fights this weekend and analyze the performances of the winners and losers.


One of the biggest boxing matches of the weekend was the bout between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders. Alvarez came out on top, winning by TKO in the eighth round. Saunders put up a good fight, but Alvarez’s power proved too much for him in the end.

In another notable fight, Josh Taylor defeated Jose Ramirez by unanimous decision to become the undisputed super lightweight champion. Taylor put on a masterclass performance, outboxing Ramirez and landing some heavy shots throughout the fight.


In the world of MMA, the UFC held a Fight Night event headlined by a heavyweight clash between Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Augusto Sakai. Rozenstruik emerged victorious, knocking out Sakai in the first round with a brutal punch.

who won the fights this weekend

Another standout performance came from Marina Rodriguez, who defeated Michelle Waterson by unanimous decision. Rodriguez showcased her striking skills, landing some devastating shots on Waterson and dominating the fight from start to finish.


The Glory Kickboxing promotion held an event this weekend, featuring a number of exciting fights. In the main event, Alex Pereira defeated Artem Vakhitov by TKO in the second round to become the Glory light heavyweight champion.

Another notable fight saw Tyjani Beztati defeat Davit Kiria by unanimous decision. Beztati put on a clinic, using his superior speed and footwork to outmaneuver Kiria and land some impressive strikes.


Overall, this weekend was filled with some incredible fights across various combat sports. From Canelo Alvarez’s knockout victory to Marina Rodriguez’s dominant performance, the winners of these fights showed why they are some of the best in their respective disciplines. As for the losers, they will undoubtedly be looking to bounce back and come back stronger in their next fights.

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