who won the first boxing match between wilder and fury

who won the first boxing match between wilder and fury

The First Boxing Match between Wilder and Fury: Who Won?

On December 1, 2018, boxing fans around the world eagerly awaited the highly anticipated showdown between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. The two heavyweight champions stepped into the ring at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, to determine who would emerge victorious. Let’s delve into the details of this thrilling match and find out who ultimately won.

The Fighters’ Backgrounds

Deontay Wilder, known as “The Bronze Bomber,” boasted an impressive professional record of 40 wins, 39 of which came by knockout. Standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall, Wilder possessed incredible power and speed, making him a formidable opponent in the ring.

who won the first boxing match between wilder and fury

Tyson Fury, on the other hand, had a unique story. The British fighter had previously held multiple heavyweight titles but had taken a break from boxing due to personal issues. Fury’s comeback was remarkable, and his unorthodox style and exceptional defensive skills made him a challenging adversary.

The Build-Up to the Match

The pre-fight hype for Wilder vs. Fury was intense. Both fighters engaged in a war of words, with Wilder promising a knockout victory and Fury confidently predicting his own triumph. The tension between them escalated during press conferences and interviews, further fueling the excitement surrounding the match.

Furthermore, the fight garnered attention due to the contrasting styles of the fighters. Wilder’s explosive power and knockout ability contrasted with Fury’s defensive prowess and strategic approach. Fans were eager to witness how these styles would clash in the ring.

The Fight: Rounds 1-6

The opening rounds of the match were closely contested. Wilder showcased his trademark power, landing several heavy blows on Fury. However, Fury’s elusive footwork and defensive skills allowed him to avoid the majority of Wilder’s punches. The British fighter also displayed his own offensive abilities, landing a few solid shots on Wilder.

As the fight progressed, Fury began to assert himself. His superior boxing skills and ability to frustrate Wilder with his movement and counterpunching started to sway the momentum in his favor. Despite Wilder’s relentless pursuit, Fury’s defensive tactics proved effective, leaving the American champion struggling to find his target.

The Fight: Rounds 7-12

The latter half of the match witnessed a remarkable turn of events. In the ninth round, Wilder unleashed a devastating right hand that sent Fury crashing to the canvas. Many believed the fight was over, but Fury miraculously rose to his feet before the referee’s count reached ten. This incredible display of resilience stunned the audience and provided a turning point in the match.

With renewed determination, Fury continued to outbox Wilder in the later rounds. His agility and defensive skills frustrated Wilder, who struggled to land clean punches. Fury’s dominance in the ring was evident as he controlled the pace and consistently landed scoring shots. However, Wilder’s power remained a constant threat, and he managed to land a few significant blows in the closing rounds.

The Verdict

After an intense twelve-round battle, the judges rendered a split decision. One judge scored the fight 115-111 in favor of Wilder, another scored it 114-112 for Fury, and the third judge scored it a 113-113 draw. The match ended in a controversial split draw, leaving fans and experts divided on who truly won.

While Wilder retained his title due to the draw, many believed that Fury’s superior boxing skills and overall performance deserved the victory. The fight showcased the resilience, skill, and determination of both fighters, leaving fans eagerly anticipating a rematch to settle the score definitively.

The Aftermath and Rematch

The first match between Wilder and Fury was hailed as an instant classic, captivating boxing fans worldwide. The draw left both fighters hungry for redemption, leading to negotiations for a rematch. On February 22, 2020, Wilder and Fury faced off once again, with Fury emerging victorious by technical knockout in the seventh round.

The rematch solidified Fury’s claim as the better boxer, further fueling the debate about the outcome of their first encounter. Regardless, the first match between Wilder and Fury will forever be remembered as a thrilling contest that showcased the resilience and skill of two heavyweight champions.

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