who won the floyd mayweather versus logan paul boxing match

who won the floyd mayweather versus logan paul boxing match

The Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul boxing match was one of the most anticipated and talked-about events in the world of combat sports. Mayweather, a boxing legend with an undefeated record, faced off against Paul, a popular YouTuber turned amateur boxer. The match generated significant interest due to the contrasting backgrounds and skill levels of the two fighters. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the fight to determine who emerged as the winner.

Physical Attributes and Experience

Mayweather, known for his exceptional speed and defensive skills, boasts a professional boxing record of 50-0. He has faced and defeated some of the best fighters in the world. On the other hand, Paul, although significantly younger and larger in size, had limited boxing experience compared to Mayweather. His only previous professional fight was against fellow YouTuber KSI.

Despite the vast difference in experience, Paul’s physical attributes, including his height and reach advantage, posed a potential challenge for Mayweather. However, Mayweather’s years of training and expertise in the sport gave him a significant advantage in terms of technique and ring IQ.

Fight Analysis

The exhibition match between Mayweather and Paul took place over eight rounds, with no official winner declared due to the absence of judges’ scorecards. The rules allowed for knockouts, but the absence of a winner announcement meant that the outcome was subjective.

Mayweather started the fight cautiously, using his defensive skills to avoid most of Paul’s punches. He strategically landed counter punches when opportunities arose, showcasing his mastery of the sport. Paul, on the other hand, displayed determination and resilience, absorbing Mayweather’s shots and occasionally landing punches of his own.

who won the floyd mayweather versus logan paul boxing match

Throughout the fight, Mayweather’s superior footwork and head movement allowed him to dictate the pace and control the distance. Despite Paul’s efforts to press the action, Mayweather’s defensive prowess prevented him from landing significant blows.

Reactions and Opinions

The outcome of the Mayweather versus Paul fight sparked mixed reactions and opinions. Some spectators believed that Mayweather clearly outclassed Paul, showcasing his dominance in the ring. They argued that his precise punches and defensive skills were far superior to Paul’s, making him the de facto winner.

Others, however, viewed Paul’s performance as a victory in itself. They commended his ability to survive against a legendary boxer and praised his determination to step into the ring with someone of Mayweather’s caliber. Despite the criticism surrounding his boxing background, Paul’s effort was acknowledged by many.


While no official winner was declared in the Mayweather versus Paul boxing match, it is safe to say that Mayweather’s experience and technical skills made him the more accomplished fighter in the ring. His ability to evade Paul’s attacks and land precise punches demonstrated his mastery of the sport. Nevertheless, Paul’s resilience and determination should not be overlooked, as he showcased his willingness to take on a formidable opponent. Ultimately, the fight generated significant attention and debate, leaving spectators with their own interpretations of who emerged as the winner.

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