who won the jake paul anderson silva boxing match

who won the jake paul anderson silva boxing match

Anderson Silva Defeats Jake Paul in Boxing Match

On September 11, 2021, the highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva took place at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio. The fight was watched by millions of fans around the world, all eager to see who would come out on top.

The Fighters

Jake Paul, a YouTube personality turned professional boxer, entered the ring with a record of 3-0, all wins by knockout. Anderson Silva, a former UFC middleweight champion, had a record of 34-11 in MMA and was making his professional boxing debut at the age of 46.

Despite the age difference, Silva was considered by many to be the more experienced fighter, having faced some of the toughest opponents in MMA history.

who won the jake paul anderson silva boxing match

The Fight

From the opening bell, it was clear that Silva was the more technical fighter, using his footwork and head movement to avoid Paul’s powerful punches. Paul, on the other hand, relied heavily on his size and strength advantage, trying to overwhelm Silva with his power.

In the fourth round, Silva landed a devastating right hand that sent Paul to the canvas. Paul managed to get back to his feet, but Silva continued to land clean shots, eventually winning the fight by split decision.

The Aftermath

The victory over Paul was a huge moment for Silva, who had been written off by many in the MMA community after a string of losses in his final fights in the UFC. The win also cemented his legacy as one of the greatest combat sports athletes of all time.

For Paul, the loss was a setback in his quest to become a legitimate boxer. Despite his impressive knockout record, many in the boxing world have criticized his opponents and questioned his skills as a boxer.

The Reaction

The reaction to the fight was mixed, with some fans praising Silva for his performance and others criticizing Paul for his lack of experience and technical ability. Many in the MMA community also celebrated Silva’s victory, with UFC President Dana White tweeting his congratulations.

Some fans also expressed disappointment with the judges’ decision, arguing that Paul had done enough to win the fight. However, most experts agreed that Silva was the better fighter on the night.

The Future

For Silva, the win over Paul opens up new opportunities in the boxing world. He has already expressed interest in fighting other high-profile boxers, including Roy Jones Jr. and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

For Paul, the loss may force him to re-evaluate his career path and consider fighting more experienced opponents. He has already called out several fighters, including Tommy Fury and Conor McGregor.


The Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight was a historic moment in combat sports, with two very different fighters facing off in the ring. While Paul may have lost the fight, he has certainly brought attention to the sport of boxing and created a new generation of fans. As for Silva, his victory cements his legacy as one of the greatest combat sports athletes of all time.

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