who won the jake paul vs ben askren boxing match

who won the jake paul vs ben askren boxing match

The Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Boxing Match: A Detailed Analysis of the Winner

The highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren took place on April 17, 2021, and left fans and critics alike wondering who would come out on top. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the fight and analyze the winner from different angles.

1. Physical Conditioning

Jake Paul, known for his rigorous training regimen, displayed impressive physical conditioning throughout the fight. His intense workouts and dedication to fitness gave him an advantage in terms of stamina and endurance. Conversely, Ben Askren, a retired MMA fighter, appeared less physically prepared, which affected his performance in the ring.

2. Boxing Technique

Both Jake Paul and Ben Askren demonstrated different levels of boxing technique. Paul, having trained specifically for boxing, showcased better footwork, head movement, and overall boxing skill. On the other hand, Askren, primarily an MMA fighter, struggled to adapt to the strict rules and limitations of boxing, which ultimately affected his performance.

3. Punching Power

Jake Paul’s punching power was a significant factor in his victory. He landed several powerful punches throughout the fight, causing visible damage to Askren. Paul’s ability to generate force and deliver impactful blows gave him an upper hand in the match.

4. Experience in Combat Sports

While Ben Askren had a wealth of experience in MMA, his lack of professional boxing experience became evident during the match. Jake Paul, despite being relatively new to professional boxing, had already competed in two previous fights, which gave him an edge in terms of understanding the dynamics of a boxing match.

5. Mental Preparedness

Mental preparedness played a crucial role in determining the winner. Jake Paul, known for his confident and focused mindset, entered the ring with a strong belief in his abilities. This mental fortitude allowed him to stay composed and make strategic decisions throughout the fight. Askren, on the other hand, seemed less mentally prepared, which affected his overall performance.

6. Defensive Skills

Defensive skills played a significant role in the outcome of the match. Jake Paul’s ability to evade punches and minimize damage showcased his defensive prowess. He effectively blocked and slipped many of Askren’s attacks. Askren, however, struggled to defend himself adequately, leaving him vulnerable to Paul’s powerful punches.

who won the jake paul vs ben askren boxing match

7. Ring Generalship

Jake Paul’s ring generalship was evident throughout the fight. He controlled the pace and distance, dictating the flow of the match. His ability to maintain control and strategically position himself gave him an advantage over Askren, who appeared less comfortable and struggled to find his rhythm.

8. Referee’s Decision

The referee’s decision ultimately determined the winner of the match. In this case, the referee stopped the fight in the first round after Ben Askren was knocked down by Jake Paul. Despite getting back on his feet, the referee deemed Askren unfit to continue, resulting in a technical knockout victory for Jake Paul.


In conclusion, Jake Paul emerged as the winner of the boxing match against Ben Askren due to his superior physical conditioning, boxing technique, punching power, experience in combat sports, mental preparedness, defensive skills, ring generalship, and the referee’s decision. While Askren put up a valiant effort, Paul’s overall performance and control of the fight ultimately secured his victory.

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