who won the odd1sout alexclark chess boxing match

The Odd1sOut (James Rallison) and Alex Clark are two popular YouTubers known for their animated content. In an exciting and highly anticipated event, they decided to settle their differences through a chess boxing match. This unique combination of chess and boxing tests not only their mental prowess but also their physical strength. In this article, we will explore the outcome of this thrilling match and analyze the factors that determined the winner.

The Background

Before diving into the match itself, it is essential to understand the background of both participants. The Odd1sOut gained popularity through his animated storytelling videos, while Alex Clark is known for his humorous animations. Both YouTubers have a significant following and are admired for their creativity and humor.

The Rules of Chess Boxing

Chess boxing is a hybrid sport that combines alternating rounds of chess and boxing. Participants must excel in both disciplines to emerge victorious. The match consists of six rounds, with each round lasting three minutes. Players alternate between playing chess and boxing, with a one-minute break between rounds.

The Chess Rounds

During the chess rounds, the participants sit at a chessboard and play a game of chess. The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king. The Odd1sOut and Alex Clark showcased their strategic thinking and chess skills during these rounds. They carefully planned their moves to outwit each other and gain an advantage on the board.

The Boxing Rounds

Once the chess round concludes, the participants transition to the boxing ring. They wear protective gear and engage in a physical battle. The objective is to either knock out the opponent or win by points. The Odd1sOut and Alex Clark demonstrated their strength, agility, and stamina during these intense boxing rounds.

Physical Fitness and Endurance

Physical fitness and endurance play a crucial role in chess boxing. Participants must maintain their mental focus during the chess rounds while also enduring the physical demands of boxing. The winner of the match would need to excel in both aspects, showcasing their ability to balance mental acuity and physical strength.

Tactical Approaches

Chess boxing requires participants to adopt different strategies for each discipline. In chess, players must plan their moves, anticipate their opponent’s actions, and adapt to changing circumstances. In boxing, participants must analyze their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust their tactics accordingly. The Odd1sOut and Alex Clark each brought their unique tactical approaches to the match.

who won the odd1sout alexclark chess boxing match

Mental Resilience

Chess boxing is mentally demanding, as participants must switch between intense concentration during the chess rounds and adrenaline-fueled action during the boxing rounds. Both The Odd1sOut and Alex Clark displayed mental resilience, staying focused and composed throughout the match.

The Outcome

After six grueling rounds, The Odd1sOut emerged as the winner of the chess boxing match against Alex Clark. His combination of strategic thinking, physical strength, and mental resilience proved to be the deciding factors in securing his victory. However, it is important to acknowledge the skill and effort put forth by both participants, as they provided an entertaining and captivating match for their fans.


The Odd1sOut and Alex Clark’s chess boxing match was a thrilling and unique event that showcased their talents in both chess and boxing. The Odd1sOut’s victory highlighted his ability to excel in both mental and physical domains, ultimately securing his win. This match served as a testament to the participants’ dedication, skill, and sportsmanship, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next exciting endeavor.

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