who won the tyson jones boxing match

who won the tyson jones boxing match

The Tyson-Jones boxing match, held on November 28, 2020, was highly anticipated by fans around the world. The exhibition match between legendary boxers Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. generated significant excitement and speculation. In this article, we will explore the outcome of the match and provide a detailed analysis of the factors that determined the winner.

Contestants’ Background

Mike Tyson, a former undisputed heavyweight champion, is known for his aggressive style and powerful punches. Roy Jones Jr., a former four-division world champion, is renowned for his speed and technical skills. Both fighters had impressive careers and were considered legends in the sport.

Pre-match Expectations

Prior to the fight, there were various speculations about who would emerge victorious. Some believed Tyson’s raw power would give him an advantage, while others thought Jones’ agility and defensive skills could outsmart his opponent. The match was expected to be a clash of different boxing styles.

Match Format and Rules

The Tyson-Jones match was an eight-round exhibition bout. The rules were modified to ensure the safety of the fighters. There were no judges, and no official winner would be declared. Instead, the match would be scored by a panel of unofficial judges from the WBC, and the result would be announced as a draw.

In-Ring Action

The fight showcased moments of brilliance from both Tyson and Jones. Tyson displayed his trademark power, landing several heavy blows that reminded fans of his prime. Jones, on the other hand, showcased his agility, evading Tyson’s punches and delivering quick counterattacks.

Strategies and Tactics

Tyson aimed to overpower Jones with his strength, throwing powerful hooks and uppercuts. Jones, aware of Tyson’s power, focused on maintaining distance and using his footwork to avoid being caught in close quarters. He relied on his quick jabs and lateral movement to frustrate Tyson.

Physical Condition

Both fighters, despite their age, appeared to be in impressive physical condition. Tyson, at 54 years old, displayed remarkable speed and power. Jones, 51 years old, showcased his endurance and agility. Their conditioning played a crucial role in their ability to sustain the intense pace of the match.

who won the tyson jones boxing match

Impact of Ring Rust

Both Tyson and Jones had been retired from professional boxing for several years, leading to speculation about how ring rust would affect their performance. However, both fighters showed no signs of significant rustiness, demonstrating their ability to adapt and perform at a high level.

Post-match Reception

The match received mixed reviews from fans and pundits. Some praised the fighters for their skills and entertaining performance, while others criticized the lack of a decisive winner. Despite the draw result, many fans expressed their satisfaction with the overall spectacle and the opportunity to witness two boxing legends in action.


In the Tyson-Jones boxing match, no official winner was declared. However, both fighters showcased their skills and entertained fans with their performance. Tyson’s power and aggression were evident, while Jones’ speed and defensive maneuvers were commendable. Ultimately, the match served as a reminder of the enduring legacy of both fighters in the sport of boxing.

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