who won the wilder fury boxing match last night

The highly anticipated boxing match between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury took place last night, captivating millions of fans around the world. The clash between these two heavyweight giants promised an intense battle for the championship title. In this article, we will delve into the details of the match and reveal who emerged victorious.

Pre-Fight Hype and Expectations

The build-up to the Wilder-Fury match was filled with excitement and anticipation. Both fighters had impressive records and unique styles, leading to heated debates among fans and experts. Wilder’s devastating knockout power and Fury’s elusive footwork and defensive skills made it difficult to predict the outcome. The expectations for this match were sky-high.

In-Ring Action

The fight started with both Wilder and Fury demonstrating their strengths. Wilder unleashed his trademark powerful punches, aiming for a quick knockout. However, Fury’s superior footwork allowed him to evade many of Wilder’s attacks. Fury, on the other hand, utilized his reach advantage and crafty movement to land precise jabs and hooks.

Wilder’s Knockdowns

who won the wilder fury boxing match last night

In the third round, Wilder managed to connect a powerful right hand that sent Fury crashing to the canvas. It seemed like the fight was over, but Fury displayed incredible resilience by getting back up and continuing the battle. Wilder’s knockout power was on full display, and he continued to land heavy blows throughout the match.

Fury’s Comeback

Despite being knocked down, Fury refused to back down. He gradually regained control of the fight, showcasing his exceptional defensive skills and counterpunching ability. Fury’s movement and agility allowed him to frustrate Wilder and land significant shots of his own. The momentum shifted in Fury’s favor as the rounds progressed.

The Final Rounds

The championship rounds were intense, with both fighters giving their all. Wilder attempted to finish the fight with his powerful punches, but Fury’s defensive prowess prevented any significant damage. Fury, on the other hand, continued to land clean shots and frustrate Wilder. The match reached its conclusion, leaving the outcome in the hands of the judges.

Judges’ Decision

After twelve thrilling rounds, the judges’ decision was announced. The fight ended in a draw, with the judges scoring it as a split decision. This decision sparked controversy and debate among fans and experts, as many believed Fury had done enough to secure the victory. The draw meant that neither Wilder nor Fury walked away as the clear winner.

Aftermath and Rematch Possibilities

The draw left fans hungry for more, and discussions about a potential rematch immediately began. Both fighters expressed their desire to face each other again and settle the score definitively. The Wilder-Fury rematch generated even more excitement and anticipation, as fans eagerly awaited a conclusive outcome.


The Wilder-Fury match was a thrilling and closely contested battle between two exceptional heavyweight boxers. While the judges’ decision resulted in a draw, both fighters showcased their skills and left a lasting impression on the boxing world. The rematch between Wilder and Fury promises to be another epic showdown that will determine the true winner of their rivalry.

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