why do boxing matches start so late

Why Do Boxing Matches Start So Late?

Boxing matches have a reputation for starting late, often well into the evening or even the early hours of the morning. This late start time can be frustrating for fans who have eagerly anticipated the event. However, there are several reasons why boxing matches tend to start late, and these factors contribute to the unique atmosphere and appeal of the sport.

1. Television Scheduling

One of the primary reasons for the late start time of boxing matches is television scheduling. Networks often aim to broadcast fights during prime time when viewership is highest. This allows them to attract a larger audience and generate more advertising revenue. Consequently, boxing promoters and broadcasters may deliberately delay the start time to ensure the event reaches the maximum number of viewers.

2. Pay-Per-View Revenue

Pay-per-view (PPV) is a significant revenue stream for boxing matches. By starting the event later in the evening, promoters can target a larger audience, including those who are more likely to purchase the PPV broadcast. This strategy helps maximize the financial returns for the fighters, promoters, and broadcasters involved.

3. Venue Availability

The availability of the venue can also influence the start time of boxing matches. Popular arenas and stadiums often host multiple events, such as concerts or other sporting competitions, throughout the day. As a result, boxing matches may be scheduled later to accommodate the logistical requirements of the venue and allow sufficient time for setup and preparation.

4. Fighter Preparation

Boxers require ample time to warm up, stretch, and mentally prepare for their matches. Starting the event later in the evening gives fighters more time to prepare physically and mentally, ensuring they are in optimal condition when they step into the ring. This additional time also allows for potential delays or complications that may arise during the event.

5. International Audiences

Boxing is a global sport with a large international following. To cater to fans in different time zones, boxing matches may start late to accommodate viewers from various regions around the world. By doing so, promoters can expand their audience and increase the sport’s popularity on a global scale.

6. Undercard Matches

Undercard matches, which feature less prominent boxers before the main event, are often included in boxing events. These matches serve as a buildup to the main event and allow lesser-known fighters to showcase their skills. Starting the event later in the evening ensures that more people are in attendance to witness the undercard matches, providing exposure and support for emerging talent.

7. Event Hype and Anticipation

Deliberately starting boxing matches late builds anticipation and excitement among fans. The later start time allows for pre-fight analysis, interviews, and promotional activities that contribute to the overall hype surrounding the event. This anticipation generates buzz and ensures that fans are fully engaged and emotionally invested in the matches.

8. Boxing Tradition

Over the years, boxing has developed a tradition of late-night matches. This tradition may have originated from the days when fights were held in smoky, dimly lit arenas, creating a unique atmosphere. By adhering to this tradition, boxing matches maintain a sense of nostalgia and authenticity that adds to the sport’s appeal.


While the late start time of boxing matches may be inconvenient for some fans, it is a deliberate strategy employed by promoters, broadcasters, and fighters to maximize revenue, accommodate international audiences, and build anticipation. These factors, combined with tradition and the unique atmosphere, contribute to the enduring popularity of boxing as a sport.

why do boxing matches start so late

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