why is it called boxing day match

Why is it called Boxing Day Match?

Boxing Day Match is a term commonly used to refer to a traditional sporting event that takes place on December 26th in various countries. The origins of this name are somewhat unclear, but there are several theories and explanations that attempt to shed light on why it is called Boxing Day Match.

The Historical Connection

One theory suggests that the name Boxing Day Match originated from the historical practice of giving boxes or gifts to those in need on the day after Christmas. In the past, wealthy families would often distribute boxes filled with food, clothing, and other necessities to their servants and the less fortunate. This act of charity became associated with the day, and over time, it evolved into a tradition of sports matches being played on Boxing Day.

Another historical connection relates to the tradition of churches collecting donations in boxes on Christmas Day. These boxes were opened on the day after Christmas, and the funds were distributed to the poor. It is believed that the term “Boxing Day” may have been derived from this practice, and the subsequent sports matches came to be known as Boxing Day Matches.

Sporting Traditions

Boxing Day Matches have become an integral part of sporting traditions in many countries, particularly in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. These matches are often held in cricket, football (soccer), rugby, and other popular sports. The timing of these matches allows people to enjoy a day of sports and entertainment after the Christmas festivities, making it a significant event in the sporting calendar.

Furthermore, the term “boxing” in Boxing Day Match may also be associated with the physical nature of sports like rugby and boxing itself. These matches often involve intense physical competition and can be seen as a metaphorical “boxing” of teams or players against each other.

Public Holiday Celebration

In many countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, Boxing Day is a public holiday. This provides an opportunity for families and friends to come together and enjoy a day out at a sporting event. The festive atmosphere, combined with the excitement of the match, creates a unique and memorable experience for spectators.

Moreover, the significance of Boxing Day Matches extends beyond the sporting aspect. It is an occasion for the community to come together, support their local teams, and celebrate the holiday season in a lively and spirited manner.

why is it called boxing day match

Boxing Day Sales

In recent years, Boxing Day has also become synonymous with shopping sales and discounts. Many stores and retailers offer significant markdowns on this day, attracting throngs of bargain hunters. The term “boxing” in Boxing Day may also relate to the practice of boxing up unsold merchandise and selling it at reduced prices on the day after Christmas.

Some people even consider the shopping frenzy on Boxing Day as a competitive sport, with shoppers vying for the best deals and battling crowds. This connection between shopping and competition further adds to the significance of the term “Boxing” in Boxing Day Match.


The name Boxing Day Match encompasses various historical, sporting, and cultural elements. Whether it originated from acts of charity, the physical nature of sports, or the association with shopping, the term has become deeply ingrained in the traditions and celebrations of many countries. The Boxing Day Match is a day of camaraderie, competition, and community, bringing people together to enjoy sports and festivities during the holiday season.

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