why no sex before boxing match

why no sex before boxing match

Why No Sex Before a Boxing Match

Sexual activity before a boxing match is often discouraged and even forbidden by trainers and coaches. This practice has been followed for many years in the sport, and there are several reasons behind this decision. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of why sex is generally avoided before a boxing match.

1. Physical Exhaustion

Engaging in sexual activity can lead to physical exhaustion. Boxing requires immense physical stamina, strength, and focus. By abstaining from sex, boxers can conserve their energy and ensure they are in peak physical condition for the match.

Moreover, during sexual activity, the body releases endorphins and hormones that can induce relaxation and sleepiness. These effects can be counterproductive for a boxer who needs to be alert and mentally sharp before stepping into the ring.

2. Risk of Injury

Sexual activity involves physical contact and movement that can potentially lead to injuries. Any injury sustained during sex, no matter how minor, can affect a boxer’s performance and jeopardize their chances of winning the match.

why no sex before boxing match

Additionally, engaging in vigorous sexual activity may strain muscles and joints, making the boxer more susceptible to sprains, strains, or muscle pulls. These injuries can significantly impair their ability to perform at their best during the match.

3. Testosterone Levels

Sexual activity has been found to temporarily decrease testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a crucial role in muscle development, aggression, and overall athletic performance. By abstaining from sex, boxers can maintain optimal testosterone levels, which can enhance their physical capabilities and competitive drive.

4. Mental Focus

Boxing requires intense mental focus and concentration. Engaging in sexual activity before a match can distract a boxer mentally, making it challenging to maintain the necessary focus on the upcoming fight. By avoiding sex, boxers can ensure their minds are solely focused on the match and their opponents.

5. Emotional Distractions

Sexual activity can trigger a range of emotions, including feelings of intimacy, pleasure, and relaxation. These emotions can be counterproductive for a boxer who needs to channel their emotions into aggression and controlled aggression during the match. By abstaining from sex, boxers can maintain emotional stability and avoid distractions that may hinder their performance.

6. Pre-match Rituals

Many boxers have pre-match rituals that they believe bring them luck or help them mentally prepare for the fight. For some boxers, abstaining from sex is a part of their pre-match routine. Following these rituals provides a sense of control and confidence, which can positively impact their performance in the ring.

7. Psychological Advantage

Some boxers and trainers believe that abstaining from sex before a match can provide a psychological advantage over their opponents. They argue that by denying themselves sexual pleasure, they are demonstrating discipline, self-control, and a higher level of dedication to their sport. This mindset can boost their confidence and intimidate their opponents.

8. Cultural and Superstitious Beliefs

In certain cultures and boxing communities, there are superstitious beliefs surrounding sex before a match. These beliefs may be rooted in traditional practices or passed down through generations of boxers. Regardless of the scientific validity, many boxers adhere to these beliefs out of respect for their cultural heritage or to align themselves with the traditions of the sport.


While there may be differing opinions on the topic, the practice of abstaining from sex before a boxing match has been followed by many boxers throughout history. The reasons behind this decision range from physical and psychological considerations to cultural and superstitious beliefs. Ultimately, each boxer must decide for themselves what works best for their performance and mental state before stepping into the ring.

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