why do weightlifters use mouthguards

Why Do Weightlifters Use Mouthguards?

Weightlifting has become an increasingly popular sport in recent years, with more and more people taking up the challenge of lifting heavy weights. As with any sport, there are risks involved, and weightlifting is no exception. One of the ways in which weightlifters can protect themselves is by using a mouthguard. But why do weightlifters use mouthguards? Here are some of the reasons:

Protecting Teeth and Jaw

One of the most obvious reasons why weightlifters use mouthguards is to protect their teeth and jaw. When lifting heavy weights, there is a risk of accidentally biting down on the teeth or clenching the jaw too tightly, which can result in broken or chipped teeth, or even a dislocated jaw. A mouthguard provides a cushion between the teeth and the impact of the weight, reducing the risk of injury.

In addition, a mouthguard can also help to prevent concussions. When a weightlifter takes a heavy blow to the head, the force can be transmitted through the jaw and into the skull, causing a concussion. A mouthguard can help to absorb some of the impact, reducing the risk of head injury.

Improving Performance

Another reason why weightlifters use mouthguards is to improve their performance. When the jaw is clenched tightly, it can cause tension in the neck and shoulders, which can affect overall performance. By using a mouthguard, weightlifters can relax their jaw muscles, reducing tension and improving their range of motion.

In addition, a mouthguard can also help to improve breathing during a lift. When the jaw is relaxed, it allows for better airflow, which can help to increase oxygen intake and improve endurance.

why do weightlifters use mouthguards

Preventing Dry Mouth

Weightlifting can be a strenuous activity, and it is not uncommon for weightlifters to experience dry mouth during a workout. This can be uncomfortable and can also affect performance. By using a mouthguard, weightlifters can help to prevent dry mouth by keeping the mouth moist and reducing the amount of saliva lost during a workout.

Reducing Stress

Finally, weightlifters may use mouthguards to help reduce stress during a workout. When the body is under stress, it can produce excess cortisol, which can lead to a number of negative effects, including increased inflammation, decreased immune function, and decreased muscle growth. By using a mouthguard, weightlifters can help to reduce stress and cortisol levels, improving overall health and performance.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why weightlifters use mouthguards. From protecting teeth and jaw to improving performance and reducing stress, a mouthguard can be an essential tool for any serious weightlifter. If you are a weightlifter, it is important to consider using a mouthguard to protect yourself and improve your performance.

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