why does pathfinder have boxing gloves

why does pathfinder have boxing gloves

Pathfinder is a popular character in the video game Apex Legends, known for his agility and ability to traverse the map quickly. One unique aspect of Pathfinder’s design is the inclusion of boxing gloves as his melee weapon. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this choice and discuss the various aspects that make Pathfinder’s boxing gloves an interesting addition to his character.

1. Reflecting Pathfinder’s Personality

Pathfinder is an optimistic and friendly robot character, and the choice of boxing gloves reflects his playful and non-threatening nature. The gloves serve as a visual representation of his desire to engage in friendly competition rather than causing harm.

2. Unique Melee Weapon

In a game where characters typically use knives, swords, or their bare hands as melee weapons, Pathfinder’s boxing gloves stand out as a unique choice. They add a touch of humor and whimsy to the game, making Pathfinder a more memorable character.

why does pathfinder have boxing gloves

3. Enhancing Pathfinder’s Identity

Pathfinder’s boxing gloves contribute to his overall identity as a versatile and agile character. They emphasize his ability to move quickly and engage in close combat, making him a formidable opponent in melee encounters.

4. Promoting Sportsmanship

Boxing is a sport that requires discipline, strategy, and respect for one’s opponent. By equipping Pathfinder with boxing gloves, the game developers promote the values of sportsmanship and fair play, encouraging players to engage in combat with a sense of honor.

5. Adding Visual Appeal

The bright and colorful boxing gloves add visual appeal to Pathfinder’s character design. They stand out against his metallic frame and bring a touch of vibrancy to his overall appearance, making him visually appealing to players.

6. Encouraging Close Combat

Pathfinder’s boxing gloves incentivize players to engage in close combat rather than relying solely on long-range weapons. This adds variety to gameplay and encourages players to develop different strategies when playing as or against Pathfinder.

7. Reinforcing Pathfinder’s Lore

Pathfinder’s boxing gloves are a part of his backstory and lore. According to his lore, he discovered the gloves in an abandoned warehouse and decided to use them as his melee weapon. This detail adds depth to his character and makes the gloves an integral part of his identity.

8. Cultural References

The choice of boxing gloves for Pathfinder may also be a nod to popular culture and iconic boxing figures. Boxing has a rich history and is associated with legends like Muhammad Ali and Rocky Balboa. Including boxing gloves in Pathfinder’s design could be a subtle reference to these cultural icons.


Pathfinder’s boxing gloves serve multiple purposes, from reflecting his personality and enhancing his identity to promoting sportsmanship and adding visual appeal. They contribute to the overall enjoyment and diversity of gameplay in Apex Legends, making Pathfinder a unique and memorable character in the game.

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