why is sebastian costellanos hand wrapped in evil within two

why is sebastian costellanos hand wrapped in evil within two

Why is Sebastian Costellanos’ Hand Wrapped in Evil Within 2?

Sebastian Costellanos, the protagonist of Evil Within 2, is seen with his hand wrapped throughout the game. This mysterious wrapping raises questions and adds to the overall intrigue of the story. There are several reasons why his hand is wrapped, and in this article, we will explore them in detail.

1. Physical Injury

One possible reason for Sebastian’s hand being wrapped is a physical injury. Throughout the game, Sebastian faces numerous dangerous situations and battles with horrifying creatures. It is likely that he sustained an injury to his hand during one of these encounters. The wrapping could be a makeshift bandage to protect the wound and provide support for his hand.

Furthermore, Sebastian’s hand is wrapped with a red cloth, which could indicate that the injury is severe and requires constant attention. The red cloth may also symbolize the pain he experiences and the bloodshed he has witnessed.

2. Symbolic Representation

Another interpretation of the wrapped hand is that it serves as a symbolic representation of Sebastian’s emotional and psychological state. In Evil Within 2, Sebastian is haunted by his past and tormented by his own inner demons. The hand wrapping could be a visual metaphor for the emotional wounds he carries.

Sebastian’s hand is his primary tool for survival and combat. Wrapping it could represent his desire to protect himself from further harm and shield himself from the horrors he encounters. It could also symbolize his attempt to contain and control the darkness within him.

3. Connection to the STEM World

The hand wrapping might also be connected to the STEM world, a virtual reality system that plays a significant role in the game. Sebastian enters this world to save his daughter, and the wrapping could be a physical manifestation of his connection to it.

Within the STEM world, physical injuries can have unpredictable consequences. Wrapping his hand could be a way for Sebastian to maintain stability and prevent his physical condition from deteriorating while he navigates the twisted reality of the STEM world.

4. Protection against Corruption

In Evil Within 2, corruption is a prevalent theme. The world is infested with dark forces that can corrupt and manipulate individuals. Sebastian’s hand wrapping could be a form of protection against this corruption.

The wrapping might contain special materials or symbols that ward off the malevolent influences of the game’s antagonist, Stefano Valentini, or other corrupted entities. It could serve as a defense mechanism to ensure that Sebastian remains unaffected by the evil forces that surround him.

5. Remnant of a Past Event

why is sebastian costellanos hand wrapped in evil within two

Sebastian’s hand wrapping could be a remnant of a past event that has shaped his character. The game’s narrative is filled with flashbacks and traumatic memories, and the wrapping could be a physical reminder of a significant moment in his life.

Perhaps Sebastian suffered a severe injury in the past that left a lasting impact on him, both physically and emotionally. The wrapping could be a constant reminder of the pain and trauma he endured, fueling his determination to overcome the challenges he faces in Evil Within 2.

6. Cultural Significance

It is possible that the hand wrapping has cultural or religious significance within the game’s universe. Different cultures and belief systems often have unique practices for healing and protection.

Sebastian’s hand wrapping could be a ritualistic practice derived from the lore of the game. It could represent his affiliation with a particular group or his adherence to a set of beliefs that guide his actions throughout the game.


The wrapping of Sebastian Costellanos’ hand in Evil Within 2 serves multiple purposes. It can be seen as a physical injury, a symbolic representation of his emotional state, a connection to the STEM world, a protection against corruption, a remnant of a past event, or a cultural practice. The hand wrapping adds depth to the character and enhances the overall mysterious atmosphere of the game.

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