why boxing is the best for mma

why boxing is the best for mma

Boxing is often regarded as one of the best martial arts for mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. Its emphasis on striking techniques, footwork, and defensive skills make it an essential component of an MMA fighter’s training. In this article, we will explore why boxing is considered the best for MMA, discussing various aspects that highlight its significance in the sport.

1. Striking Techniques

Boxing provides MMA fighters with a solid foundation in striking techniques. The sport focuses on punches, including jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses. These techniques teach fighters how to generate power, maintain proper form, and effectively target their opponents. By mastering boxing’s striking techniques, MMA fighters can deliver devastating blows in the octagon.

why boxing is the best for mma

2. Footwork and Agility

Boxing places great importance on footwork and agility. Fighters learn how to move quickly, pivot, and change angles to create openings for attacks and avoid being hit. These skills are crucial in MMA, as they enable fighters to control the distance, evade strikes, and set up takedowns or clinches.

3. Defensive Skills

Boxing teaches fighters how to defend themselves effectively. MMA fighters who incorporate boxing into their training develop solid defensive skills, such as blocking, slipping, and parrying punches. These techniques enhance their ability to avoid strikes and minimize damage during fights.

4. Conditioning and Endurance

Boxing is a physically demanding sport that requires exceptional conditioning and endurance. MMA fighters who train in boxing benefit from its rigorous workouts, which include intense cardio exercises, bag work, and sparring sessions. This training helps fighters build stamina, improve cardiovascular health, and develop mental toughness.

5. Hand Speed and Power

Boxing is renowned for its focus on hand speed and power. By practicing boxing techniques, MMA fighters can significantly improve their punching speed, allowing them to land strikes with greater precision and effectiveness. Additionally, boxing training helps fighters develop the necessary power in their punches to knock out opponents.

6. Punch Accuracy

Accurate punches are essential in MMA, and boxing training helps fighters hone their punch accuracy. By focusing on hitting specific targets, such as the head or body, boxers develop the ability to land clean shots consistently. This accuracy can be a game-changer in an MMA fight, as it increases the likelihood of causing damage and securing a victory.

7. Mental Discipline

Boxing instills mental discipline in fighters. The sport requires immense focus, concentration, and the ability to think strategically during fights. MMA fighters who practice boxing learn to stay composed under pressure, make split-second decisions, and adapt their techniques to exploit their opponents’ weaknesses.

8. Combining with Other Martial Arts

Boxing can be seamlessly integrated with other martial arts disciplines in MMA. Its striking techniques complement various styles, such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. By incorporating boxing into their training, MMA fighters can develop a well-rounded skill set that allows them to excel in both striking and grappling aspects of the sport.

9. Ring Generalship

Boxing teaches fighters the concept of ring generalship, which refers to their ability to control the pace, distance, and positioning of a fight. This skill is valuable in MMA, as it enables fighters to dictate the flow of a match, create openings for attacks, and effectively defend against their opponents’ strategies.

10. Confidence and Mental Toughness

Boxing training builds confidence and mental toughness in MMA fighters. The rigorous nature of the sport, coupled with the challenges faced during sparring and competition, helps fighters develop resilience and self-belief. This mental strength translates into the octagon, allowing fighters to stay focused, overcome adversity, and perform at their best.


Boxing’s emphasis on striking techniques, footwork, defensive skills, conditioning, and mental discipline makes it the best martial art for MMA fighters. Its benefits extend beyond the ring, providing fighters with the necessary tools to excel in all aspects of mixed martial arts. By incorporating boxing into their training, MMA fighters can enhance their skills, increase their chances of success, and become well-rounded athletes in the sport.

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