why do mma fighters get staph infection

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that involves intense physical contact and close-quarter combat. While MMA fighters undergo rigorous training and follow strict hygiene practices, they are still susceptible to various infections, including staph infection. Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria commonly found on the skin and in the nose, is the primary cause of staph infection in MMA fighters. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why MMA fighters are prone to staph infections.

1. Skin-to-Skin Contact

MMA fighters engage in close-quarter combat, which involves frequent skin-to-skin contact with their opponents. This constant contact creates an ideal environment for the transmission of staph bacteria. Even with protective gear, such as gloves and mouthguards, the risk of skin abrasions and cuts is high, providing a direct entry point for bacteria.

2. Sweating and Moisture

The intense physical exertion in MMA leads to profuse sweating. Sweat, combined with moisture from the environment, creates a warm and damp environment that promotes bacterial growth. The bacteria can easily enter the body through any open wounds or cuts, leading to staph infection.

3. Training in Shared Spaces

MMA fighters often train in shared spaces, such as gyms and training centers. These environments are prone to harboring bacteria due to the presence of multiple individuals and shared equipment. If proper cleaning and disinfection protocols are not followed, the risk of staph infection increases.

4. Lack of Personal Hygiene

In the high-intensity environment of MMA training and competitions, some fighters may neglect proper personal hygiene practices. Failure to regularly clean and disinfect equipment, shower immediately after training, and change sweaty clothing can contribute to the spread of staph bacteria.

5. Weakened Immune System

The intense physical demands of MMA training and the stress associated with competitions can weaken the immune system of fighters. A weakened immune system makes it more difficult for the body to fight off staph bacteria, increasing the likelihood of infection.

6. Prevalence of Staph Bacteria

Staphylococcus aureus is a common bacteria found on the skin and in the nose of many individuals, including MMA fighters. The prevalence of this bacteria increases the chances of transmission and subsequent infection.

7. Lack of Awareness

Some MMA fighters may not be fully aware of the risks associated with staph infection or may underestimate its severity. This lack of awareness can lead to a failure to take necessary precautions, increasing the likelihood of infection.

8. Inadequate Medical Staff and Facilities

In some cases, MMA organizations or training facilities may not have adequate medical staff or facilities to address and prevent staph infections. Delayed or inadequate medical attention can worsen the infection and increase the risk of spreading it to others.

9. Overtraining

MMA fighters often push their bodies to the limit through intense training regimens. Overtraining can lead to physical exhaustion and weaken the immune system, making fighters more susceptible to staph infections.

why do mma fighters get staph infection

10. Failure to Follow Proper Wound Care

Proper wound care is essential in preventing staph infections. However, in the heat of training or competition, fighters may neglect proper wound care, leaving cuts and abrasions exposed and vulnerable to bacterial infection.


MMA fighters are at an increased risk of staph infections due to various factors, including skin-to-skin contact, sweating, shared training spaces, lack of personal hygiene, weakened immune systems, the prevalence of staph bacteria, lack of awareness, inadequate medical resources, overtraining, and failure to follow proper wound care. It is crucial for MMA fighters and organizations to prioritize hygiene practices, educate fighters about the risks, and ensure prompt medical attention to prevent and manage staph infections effectively.

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