why doesnt yi long fight in mma

Yi Long, a renowned Chinese martial artist, has gained popularity for his impressive skills and unique fighting style. However, despite his success in traditional martial arts competitions, he has not ventured into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). This article will explore various reasons why Yi Long has chosen not to fight in MMA, considering factors such as cultural background, personal preferences, and career considerations.

Cultural Background

Yi Long’s decision not to participate in MMA may be influenced by his cultural background. Traditional Chinese martial arts, such as Shaolin Kung Fu, emphasize discipline, respect, and spiritual development. These values may conflict with the aggressive and competitive nature of MMA, which focuses primarily on winning and physical dominance. Yi Long might prioritize preserving the traditional aspects of martial arts over engaging in a more modern combat sport.

Personal Preferences

Another reason why Yi Long may not fight in MMA is due to his personal preferences. Every fighter has a unique style and strengths, and Yi Long’s skills might not be well-suited for the specific rules and techniques of MMA. He may feel more comfortable and confident in showcasing his abilities in traditional martial arts competitions, where he can fully utilize his techniques and showcase his unique style.

Physical Demands

MMA requires a diverse skill set that includes striking, grappling, and ground fighting. Participating in MMA would demand extensive training and conditioning to adapt to these different aspects of the sport. Yi Long, being a specialist in traditional martial arts, may not have the desire or willingness to undergo the rigorous physical demands and training required to compete in MMA.

why doesnt yi long fight in mma

Risk of Injury

MMA is a high-contact sport with a significant risk of injury. While injuries are inevitable in any combat sport, the risk may be higher in MMA due to the variety of techniques and the absence of certain protective gear. Yi Long, being an established martial artist, may be concerned about jeopardizing his career and long-term health by participating in a sport that carries a higher risk of injury.

Financial Considerations

Participating in MMA may not be financially lucrative for Yi Long. Traditional martial arts competitions, especially in China, often attract a large audience and offer substantial prize money and sponsorship opportunities. Yi Long may have built a successful career and financial stability through traditional martial arts, making the transition to MMA less appealing from a financial standpoint.

Preserving Martial Arts Tradition

Yi Long might prioritize preserving the essence and traditions of martial arts. By focusing on traditional competitions, he can inspire and educate others about the rich history and cultural significance of Chinese martial arts. Yi Long may believe that participating in MMA could dilute or compromise the values and principles he holds dear.

Age and Experience

Yi Long’s age and experience could also be factors in his decision not to fight in MMA. As an older martial artist, he may feel that his physical abilities have declined, making it challenging to compete against younger, well-rounded MMA fighters. Additionally, his experience and success in traditional martial arts may have solidified his identity and reputation, making a transition to a different combat sport less appealing.

Legacy and Recognition

Yi Long has gained significant recognition and respect as a traditional martial artist, both in China and internationally. By continuing to excel in traditional martial arts competitions, he can further solidify his legacy and maintain his reputation as a skilled and respected fighter. Participating in MMA might not offer the same level of recognition or allow him to leave the same lasting impact on the martial arts world.


While Yi Long’s decision not to fight in MMA may disappoint some fans, it is essential to respect his choices and understand the various factors that influence his decision. Cultural background, personal preferences, physical demands, risk of injury, financial considerations, the preservation of tradition, age and experience, as well as legacy and recognition, all play a role in shaping his career path. Ultimately, Yi Long’s dedication to traditional martial arts and his desire to maintain its integrity may outweigh any potential benefits that participating in MMA could offer.

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