why dont mma fighters block

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that combines various martial arts disciplines. One of the key elements in MMA is defense, which includes blocking strikes from opponents. However, there are instances where fighters choose not to block. In this article, we will explore various reasons why MMA fighters may choose not to block.

1. Strategic Advantage

One reason why MMA fighters may choose not to block is to gain a strategic advantage. By not blocking, fighters can lure their opponents into throwing strikes, leaving them vulnerable for counters. This strategy requires precise timing and anticipation to successfully evade strikes and launch effective counterattacks.

2. Speed and Agility

MMA fighters with exceptional speed and agility may choose not to block as they rely on their ability to evade strikes through head movement, footwork, and body positioning. These fighters are confident in their defensive skills and prefer to avoid getting hit altogether rather than relying on blocking.

3. Offensive Mindset

Some MMA fighters adopt an offensive mindset, constantly looking for opportunities to attack rather than focusing on defense. They believe that a strong offense can overwhelm their opponents and render blocking unnecessary. These fighters prioritize their striking abilities and rely on their offensive skills to win fights.

4. Conditioning and Endurance

Blocking strikes can be physically demanding and can drain a fighter’s energy. Some MMA fighters choose not to block to conserve their energy and maintain their endurance throughout the fight. By avoiding blocking, they can allocate their energy towards offense and maintaining their overall performance.

why dont mma fighters block

5. Counter-Striking Opportunities

By not blocking, MMA fighters can create counter-striking opportunities. When an opponent throws a strike, leaving themselves exposed, fighters can capitalize on this opening and launch a counter-attack. This approach requires precise timing and defensive instincts to exploit the opponent’s vulnerabilities.

6. Confidence in Chin and Defense

Some MMA fighters have a strong chin and confidence in their ability to absorb strikes without significant damage. These fighters may choose not to block, relying on their durability and defensive skills to withstand their opponents’ attacks. They believe that their defense is strong enough to handle strikes without the need for blocking.

7. Psychological Warfare

Not blocking strikes can be a psychological tactic to intimidate opponents. By showing a lack of concern for incoming strikes, fighters can create doubt and frustration in their opponents’ minds. This psychological advantage can disrupt the opponent’s game plan and potentially lead to mistakes or openings for the fighter not blocking.

8. Style and Training Background

The fighting style and training background of MMA fighters can influence their decision to not block. Certain martial arts disciplines, such as boxing or Muay Thai, emphasize footwork, head movement, and evasive techniques over blocking. Fighters from these backgrounds may be more inclined to rely on their defensive skills rather than blocking.


While blocking strikes is a fundamental aspect of MMA defense, there are various reasons why fighters may choose not to block. Whether it is for strategic advantage, offensive mindset, or confidence in their defense, these fighters rely on their skills, agility, and timing to evade strikes and create opportunities for counter-attacks. Each fighter’s approach to defense is unique and depends on their individual strengths and fighting style.

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