Frank Martin to Fans: “You Don’t Know What I Got”

Frank Martin to Fans: “You Don’t Know What I Got”

In the upcoming fight against WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Gervonta Davis, Frank Martin is determined to silence his critics. Fans doubt Martin’s ability to defeat the undefeated favorite Tank Davis, especially after his tough victory over Artem Harutyunyan in his last fight.

Despite being exposed in his last bout, Martin is confident that he has what it takes to surprise everyone on fight night. While Tank Davis may have overwhelming power, Martin believes he has the skills to outmaneuver him in the ring.

Feeling underestimated by fans, Martin is fueled by their doubt and is ready to prove them wrong. With zero pressure on his shoulders, he is determined to deliver a dominant performance and secure a victory.

While Martin’s resume may lack significant victories, he is eager to establish himself as a contender in the 135 division. He sees the upcoming fight as an opportunity to showcase his talent and make a statement in the lightweight division.

Despite the skepticism surrounding his chances against Tank Davis, Martin remains focused on the task at hand. He is not here to take a dive or go through the motions but to fight with everything he has and come out on top. So, tune in on fight night to witness Frank Martin’s determination and fighting spirit in action.

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